Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve - Part 2

Finally this afternoon, after all of us staying in pajamas almost all day, we lugged our lazy bums into showers (for the larger lazy bums) and baths (for the smaller lazy bums) and headed out to church. Can I just say how much I love our church? Practically one of the first announcements made was to the effect of "this is a family church service and we welcome any joyful or otherwise noise from the children". God bless our minister 'cause sometimes my kids are heathens! If I had not personally witnessed both of their births even I would have thought that they were raised by wolves! Ha! Anywho, all the other noise coming from many other little mouths totally covered those coming from my offspring so for once we had it made at church!

After the church service we headed over to my blessed sister-in-laws house for Christmas Eve dinner. Here is a woman who is quite possibly braver than my minister when it comes to tolerance for loud children. She bravely and warmly opens her house to not only her 3 boys + my 2 boys but her brothers 2 boys and newest little girl. She is either a glutton for punishment or a saint. I'm leaning towards saint. She fed us all and let our kids tear up her house and not ours! I'm pretty sure that was our Christmas gift from her this year (just kidding Melanie) :) .

So now here I sit waiting to make sure the house is completely quiet before I make my move on the stockings and gifts for under the tree. There was some discussion from Graham that he "wanted to sleep on the couch tonight" and "I'm gonna stay awake in bed and listen for clattering on the rooftop". I'm stressed right now knowing how much more I have left to do tonight but I know that this time next year could just be the year that Graham doesn't believe anymore and that's going to be a much worse feeling.

Merry Christmas!



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