Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Mueller family!

Well, so far we have survived the day. My husband and I were cracking up this morning waiting for our kids to wake up. We looked and felt totally stupid. Last night I had Bobby set our alarm clock for 7 am this morning thinking that our kids would probably be up long before then but oh well, at least we would be prepared. I knew that this year, like most years, he would have our video camera going and I would be flashing the camera like crazy. I just didn't want to be ill prepared (read still in crappy pajamas with mascara schmered under my eyes). So, my husband and I sit in our living room totally expecting the maelstrom to begin and what did we get? Nothing. Not a peep from our kids. We pretty much sat there like retards in our Christmas shirts staring at each other. It was quiet as a tomb (if tombs had the sounds of coffee being slurped). Eventually one finally wandered down and we went and fetched the other. It really wasn't too long before chaos ensued. Last night I did have the brains to take a before picture. I also took an after picture so I won't have to list what the boys got.

Here is the house at about 11:30 last night.

And here it is again at about 8:30. Bobby, Graham, Grady and myself had a great time this morning.

After some lunch today we all decided that it was time to fill in the death-trap ex-coy pond that we have in our backyard. The previous owner of the house had a nice pond built. At the deepest its around 5 feet and that was enough to induce me into a panic attack thinking about our 2 year old falling in. So we made it a sandbox!

Exhibit A: Death Trap

Overall the day ended up being really relaxing and fairly low-key. We had dinner with Omi and Opi (Bobby's parents) at our house and called it an early night! More to come on the 3rd day of celebrating Christmas tomorrow!



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