Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve...The Most Confusing Day of the Year

So around our house Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are both looked upon with great reverence by our oldest son Graham. I'm sure by this time next year Grady will be following in his brothers footstep of just how magical these two days are!

Along with all the magic that these two days produce there is also some confusion. You see, around our house not a present is opened until Christmas morning (unless its Christmas PJ's for the kids that I totally forgot to buy this year). In the count down to Christmas my oldest son is forever asking, checking, double-checking how many days left 'til its time to open his gifts. All the confusion begins when we explain that Santa comes on Christmas Eve BUT nothing gets opened until Christmas Day. To someone so desperate for a Nerf gun the size of my car this is a concept he simply can not wrap his head around!

Now that we have finally arrived at magical day #1 things should get easier for him. Now if he would stop begging to open a gift early things should get easier for me...

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