Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kitchen Table Re-Do

This past August my husband and I moved from our old rent house to our new house! Such an exciting change prompted me to sell our old kitchen table on Craig's List with the hopes and dreams of getting something shiny and new and just down right gorgeous to spruce up our new to me  crazy out dated kitchen. Fast forward 2 months later and we were still eating off a card table. I still hadn't found the table I was looking for.

One evening my in laws showed up with a kitchen table that they had found for 50 bucks! It was old and needed help but I could see all the potential that it held.

It really was not in too bad of shape when I first got it. This is after several sanding episodes!
After the sanding I moved on to priming. I primed the table in about 4 coats. I started off really thin and wispy and moved up to thicker coats.

Is it me or is the table beginning to look worse in the process of looking better??
The final step was the one that I was the most worried about. I knew that I wanted to paint the table black to match the cabinets in our kitchen (that are not black yet, but will be!!). When I started, I truly anticipated that painting the legs and the funny connector thingy wold be the most difficult. That ended being the easiest. The hardest part was actually the top! It looks just ok. I'm not really sure that any more coats on my part will help the streaky light and dark marks I see. Oh well, my kids will just probably tear it up anyway.

Here is the finished product that my boys will jab their dinner forks into.
I love love love the colors red, black, and yellow...especially together! My MIL and I found these chairs at Pier One on clearance and I love how it all pulls together. I would love to find some cute chair cushions in yellow to add.

Can you see the yellow flower 1983 wallpaper behind the chair? That kind of yellow I just can't handle. Hopefully that will be painted a nice neutral tan in the crazy-near future!

Here is the table and chairs all together.
I still have a lot of work ahead of me. One project almost always spurs me onto another! Honestly right now its one the biggest things that keeps me sane. If my mind and body are both occupied it keeps the overwhelming sadness at bay.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my kitchen. There is much more to come as more projects come together!



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