Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Weight and Baby Wait

So I just got back from my specialist office with another great report! Whoo-Hoo and Praise the Lord! The baby is doing great and so am I. So great in fact that I have been officially released from her care! I never imagined a day that I would walk out of her office and know that I would never have to set foot in there again. She did say that of course if my regular OB had any other problems or questions as to my or the baby's well-being that she would see me right away. I'm praying that this is not necessary. The only bitter-sweet part of this is that today was the last time I would get to see my baby until he is born! I have gotten soo used to seeing him every other week for almost a year now that I don't know what I'll do with out that great reassurance until he's here in person... :( 

Before I start to shed some hormonal tears, here are some of the super cute pictures from today's scan!

Beautiful baby profile!

My sweet little squishy face!

We are both doing great so the WAIT continues for his arrival. I still very selfishly want him here NOW and not later even though later is better for him and not me. Just being honest.

Baby Mueller weighs almost 5 pounds now! He was estimated to be 4 pounds and 15 ounces at this mornings appointment. His growth was right not track at exactly 33 weeks and 4 days (which is precisely what I am right now). I have to interject here quickly and say that as a worry-wart Momma, I was a little upset at his growth this past two weeks. He has always measured ahead for his gestation and this time he wasn't. Until the doctor came in all I could think was "growth restriction". I asked her about it right away and she said that he was perfectly fine and healthy. He had grown 10 ounces in the past two weeks and that I pretty much needed to stop with all the worrying! :) I still have my doubts however... the ultrasound tech this morning seemed a little out of it to me. I had never had her before and she kept having to change back to a different screen to correct her measurement numbers for their system. At one point she mentioned that it was a "total Monday" for her. I obviously have zero medical training but I still had to wonder...

Baby Mueller was doing some pretty cute stuff in utero this morning! At one point the tech stopped and said, "Wait, he has something in his mouth but it's not his thumb." She kept looking and then started to laugh because she said that it was his PINKY finger a la Dr. Evil!!

 The other funny thing was that he was contorting himself during the ultrasound. She said that he had both hands in front of his face and one foot! He was still like that when the doctor came in to check the scan and she chuckled too. How can that even be comfortable?? :)

The other WEIGHTY issue was mine. Remember the post from Thursdays appointment about how much weight I had gained? I spent the entire weekend worrying again about my weight and how I needed to tone down the eating etc. Well, I went into today's appointment, got on the scale (remember different doctor's office) and I had not gained a pound in two weeks!! WHAT THE HECK??!! How do I gain soo much weight at one office that got me a mini-lecture on being a little bit more careful to not gaining anything at another! The scale has to be off at my regular OB's office. There is no way on earth that I lost almost 12 pounds since just this past Thursday. When I go back to her office next week I am totally going to be asking about this. I will also be asking to be weighed on another scale at the same office ( I know they have at least 2 there because of different entrances). My pregnancy hormones simply can not take worrying about calorie consumption at this point!! :)

Hope that everyone had a great weekend!


The Mama said...

GREAT idea to ask them to recheck your weight using a different scale. I bet that will help.

Baby looks so cute and I'm so glad he is doing so well!!! You're doing awesome, almost there!

ccc said...

I love hearing how great your little boy and you are doing. How wonderful that you have been released from the specialist's care--it's now official that you are in the clear! If you were to go 40 weeks, he would be a BIG boy, I can't believe he is already about 5 lbs!

The Anglin Family said...

I know how you must feel, being so close to the end and wanting him here now...but he will be worth it all ;) I can't wait to see pics of him!
Your ob drs scales must be messed up. Wonder how many women are pondering over their weight gains?

Sarah said...

I am so happy you've made it so far!! I was so scared for you a couple months ago. Praise God!

KERRY said...

Congrats on 33 wks 4 days!!
Not long to go :)
I hate those 'weight' conversations, I feel like a child being repremanded at school for something!!
It's their polite way of saying wow look at the size of you lol I used to despise jumping on the scales :(
You however are doing a marvelous job at growing your little mini me...
Keep it up xo

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

My regular OBGYN's office has a scale in each room and they range between two scale models!!! I've mentioned it to them because I think they should all be the same in their office since it could range between the two. I would mention it to your doctor because 12 lbs of a difference is a lot. Their scale must be crazy! I'm so glad to hear Baby Mueller and you are doing just great!! He will be here in no time!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

He sounds so darling. I can't wait until you can hold him :0)

Stephanie said...

So great things are going well! And I also hate the weight convos- when I was pg I gained more when I walked and watched what I ate than when I didn't- it's too stressful to worry about! Hand in there mama you're almost there!

Recipe for a baby said...

That's wonderful news about your little man! Not long now until you can (safely) met him :)

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