Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 33 ~ Dr's Appointment Update!

As of yesterday I was officially 33 glorious weeks pregnant! I went to my regular OB/GYN's office for an appointment. She was soo beyond sweet and walked in saying "Yay! It's my miracle patient!". I can not describe to you how wonderful her words made me feel!

Overall the appointment was once again very boring (which I'll take anytime!). The baby's heart rate was good, I was measuring right on track, and my blood pressure was great. What was not great was the swelling in my hands, feet, legs, and some CRAZY weight gain over the past 3 weeks. I wonder how much was from the water retention and how much was from too much good food... :). After a very gentle lecture on how its easier to watch myself now and not have to diet so much later she was pretty much done!

The best part of the entire visit was when we discussed the cerclage removal. She said that since I'm doing so good and the baby is at a great size I can have the cerclage taken out between 35-36 weeks! OMG that is only 2 weeks away!! I of course want this baby to spend all the time in me that he needs but secretly the thought of having him here a bit early makes me pretty darn happy too! There is no guarantee that taking the cerclage out means that I'll instantly start to dilate. She said that she's had ladies before in my same situation go PAST their due dates! This will not be me (thank God) as I'm still on track for a scheduled C-Section at 38 weeks. My OB said that for the cerclage removal, it would have to be done over in Labor and Delivery at the hospital for "just in case". I had assumed that it would be just a regular office visit to do this. I will have to stay for the day for monitoring but this makes me just a little bit excited! Bobby had said before that he'd like to be there when they do it and that means he gets to take the entire day off to spend with just me and I'll take a "date" with him anyway I can get it these days.  This as its supposed to be a tad bit painful and I'm going to need some serious hand holding from him!!

Another wonderful thing was that she was able to make notes to schedule for me to have the same anesthesiologist as I did when I had the cerclage placed! After the trauma with the spinal and then epidural when I delivered Caroline (let me just say that neither worked after about 10 tries and 2 hours later), I want  need the reassurance that this portion of the delivery will go smoothly. The doctor who did my spinal with the cerclage could not have done a better job and afterwards he promised me that he would be there for my delivery. Love him!!

My next appointment will be this coming Monday with the specialist so I'll have some more baby pictures then! I can't wait to see him again!

I think that I'll wait until Sunday again before I do my official 33 week pregnancy update. I'm just too hot and too much of a mess today to be taking any pictures of myself... :)

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!


The Anglin Family said...

yay! yay! yay! Do I say this everytime you do a pregnancy post? It is so close to having this sweet baby!!!
I had a bad epidural with Camden. He stuck me so many times I lost count, and couldnt get it. It has hurt ever since then, and when I was forved into getting one with Ryan the anesthesiologist took extra care of me and was SO nice.

Oh, and PS. at least you are getting this lecture at 33 weeks and not in the first trimester! Ha!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Yay!! You are getting so close to meeting your little man!! I can't believe you're only a few weeks away!! I'm glad your favorite anesthesiologist will be able to be there for you. That would make me feel better too! I can't wait for you to post pictures next week!!

ccc said...

Such great news! A couple weeks will fly by before you know it! I am so excited for you!!

The Mama said...

Yay!! What a GREAT appt!! That's just the best news!!! I am so happy and so excited for you!!!

Can't wait to see more baby pictures!!!

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