Monday, August 15, 2011

Opi's Lawnmower...

is almost as good as Opi's tractor! Opi is Bobby's Dad and has waaaay too much fun stuff that my boys are obsessed with. Number one obsession would be his tractor but a close runner up is his lawnmower!

Bobby really needed to mow the lawn the other day so he ran and picked up his Dad's lawnmower. He got most of it done before 2 little boys even noticed. This was a good thing as it would have taken him 19 times longer with 2 "helpers".

Graham noticed this little buck across the street at our neighbors house when we went outside and he just HAD to take it's picture :).

Once we scared the buck off with all our noise this little one wandered out from it's hiding place. Soo cute!

I managed to get the guys to stop the lawn mower for a second so I could grab a quick picture. Grady was in hog heaven riding around in Bobby's lap. He's beyond content when he gets to ride around. One time when Bobby's Dad was mowing for us Grady caught a ride with him and fell asleep on his lap!

Graham is just now getting old enough to kinda help. By "help" I mean he know how to drive the mower all by himself (with supervision) and do donuts in the grass as fast as he can. He got in trouble for this very thing this day...

I have to provide a brief disclaimer here... don't let this green grass fool you. It's only green because it has an awesome tree to shade it from the HOT Texas sun. If you could see the rest of our poor yard behind me in this picture it would make you cry! It's totally brown and yuck! (like our neighbors in the deer pictures above :( .


JDaniel4's Mom said...

My son would live to ride this too. What fun!

ccc said...

We have a rider mower and my little boys always like to get rides on it!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

That looks like so much fun!! I wish we had one of those!! I was going to ask how you kept your grass so green!! We sooo need some rain soon!!

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