Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Randoms!

  • I was going to participate in "What I'm Loving Wednesday" today but my stupid stupid camera will no longer upload photos to my computer in any way, shape, or form. It had previously been stubborn and would no longer recognize it's own USB cord so I would manually place the SD card into my scanner and upload that way. That plan only lasted one upload before that no longer worked. I then was reduced to putting the SD card into an OLD camera and using the USB cord for it to upload and now that no longer works. VERY long story short, I refuse to to a WILW post with out pictures. Who wants to read a post with out pictures?? Oh wait... please keep reading this post!! :)

  • The above problem makes me want to go and buy a new camera before the baby gets here. I don't want to risk loosing any of those precious pictures if it decided that it just doesn't feel like working...

  • Speaking of the baby, I washed all the 0-3 months clothes that I had saved back from the boys. Some of the stuff I know I got at a baby shower when I was pregnant with Graham and they still had TAGS on them!! Bobby also dragged down the pack-n-play from upstairs to our bedroom. It has a fresh sheet on it and the baby sleep positioner in it. Progress!!

  • I have my 35 week checkup tomorrow at my regular OB. She should be giving me my date for the cerclage removal. It should be sometime next week! I know he needs to stay in there until 38 weeks but I still wouldn't mind the least little bit if he showed his sweet face tomorrow! (and just in case that does decide to happen, I proudly say that I HAVE PACKED MY BAG FOR THE HOSPITAL!

  • Graham has decided on what he would like his present to the baby to be. He wants to make him a fleece blanket with knot ties around the edges. We went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and found the cutest material (robot pattern). If we can manage to get his 30 minutes of homework done in under 2 hours we may actually get to start on it tonight!

  • Last night Graham had his first Cub Scout meeting of the year. He is now a Webelo I. We could not be more proud of him for making it this far! We hope soo much that he chooses to continue on and be a Boy Scout one day! During last nights meeting the older boys did a series of small skits and jokes for the younger boys. I was a more than a little nervous for Graham as he was literally handed a piece of paper and told to read it. Graham has a lot of problems with reading (especially out loud and in front of 75 people!) but he did soo great last night! He spoke loud and clear and only struggled with a couple of words. I was beyond proud!!

  • I can't believe that tomorrow is September 1st. In only a month and a half Caroline will be having her first birthday and I can't figure out what I want to do yet for her. Large or small gathering? Should I try and make or put something together in memory of her for the hospital? Should I just save that money and put it all towards March of Dimes or Haven of Hope ? Soo much to think about here and I haven't been able to turn my mind towards it and the pain/joy it will bring.

  • I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Happy Wednesday!


Melanie Mueller said...

So proud of you and all the progress you are making to get ready for your newest little man!! Can you believe you are about to have your 35 week check up?? SO happy!!!
So proud of Graham too!! Love that boy!!!

The Anglin Family said...

My camera has that same issue. Which I why I mostly post crappy cell phone pics. It takes 5 to ten tries and sometimes it will upload!
It's getting closer...;) so exciting! Yay! A friend of mine had her baby boy today and he's precious!
I think whatever you decide for Caroline will be perfect. I think I'm gonna make my fave nurses cupcakes and then do balloons and cupcakes at the cemetery..I stress about this too...Ryans bday is right after Carolines in November. Maybe they play together in heaven;)
Camden is starting boy scouts this year. I hope he likes it..

The Mama said...

You have made some great progress!! Always feels real to me when you get the pack n play down and you get the room ready that they will sleep in for the first little bit.

I agree, whatever you decide to do for Caroline will be perfect!!

35 weeks is soooo close!! I am so excited for you!!!

ccc said...

35 weeks!!!! Bag packed and baby clothes ready--you are so close!
I feel undecided about David's birthday too. I am sure you will come up with something perfect.

Tristan said...

you are getting so close!!!

the way you honor your sweet caroline should be how ever YOU want :)

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'm sorry about your camera!! I don't do so well with technology. I usually end up braking anything I can get my hands on besides my computer. Every phone, camera, printer I've had has managed to break somehow :(

You deserve a new camera especially for baby. I would go get one. Looks like you are ready to meet baby!! Bags are packed, clothes are washed, all you need is for your little man to finish cooking!!

I think whatever way you pick to remember Caroline will be perfect for both you and your family. We decided to go to a zoo every year for her birthday. Hopefully we'll be able to travel to a different zoo every year. We also do the Walk to Remember with M.E.N.D. in October. Do you have a MEND chapter near you? They might have a walk/balloon release coming up in a few weeks. I went to it last year and will be going this year. It's so beautiful, I definitely recommend it.

Katie said...

Hi, sweet friend. I can't believe Caroline's birthday is coming up so soon. Your arms will soon be full with another precious baby, and I pray that takes a little of the sting away from your hurting heart.

Yes, I agree. Whatever you decide will be perfect to celebrate your sweet girl. You have some very special ideas!

Tristan said...

I LOVE Newborn nursery scent! I have the burning in t-a's room..haha, it smells just like a powdered up baby :)
I just use one little square from my bar to make it not so strong, if you think it is too strong you could always cut a square in half and then add more later on!
She also has the scentsy buddy with a newborn nursery scent Pak..she might even have one in her diaper bag too ;)'s not like her mommy is obsessed with her smelling like a newborn or anything..haha! She has the doodlebug warmer just because it matches her room!

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