Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Of School ~ 3rd Grade!

Graham started 3rd grade this year! I was a little worried that by the time that school finally rolled around he would not be ready to leave all the summer time fun. When I asked him about it he was surprisingly excited! He said that he couldn't wait to see all of his friends again.

Graham in front of his elementary school. (not the best picture... Grady was making a run for it and I had to take a super quick picture! :)

Graham got one of the best 3rd grade teachers this year and we are soo thankful!! She was actually a 2nd grade teacher last year but was moved up this summer. He didn't have her last year but knew of her so he felt really comfortable from the get-go!

Graham at his new desk! Once again, not a great picture because it only took 4 seconds for Grady to find a bucket of scissors and help himself to them!

Graham will spend half of his time with his homeroom teacher and the other half of his time with her team teacher. One does reading, spelling etc while the other does math and science. I think that it's kind of neat that they get the experience to learn from two different teachers with different styles for a more rounded learning experience.

Do you love Graham's necklace? :) It's his shark tooth necklace that he got this summer. He has been wearing it everyday to school. Too cute!

Graham ended up having a great first, second, and third day of school! (I'm a little behind...) He wakes up excited to go every morning and I pray that this attitude continues all throughout the year!  


Melanie Mueller said...

What a handsome third grader!! Love that boy!!! Also, love that Grady made an appearance in one of the pictures!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

How fun! I wish I could have been that motivated to go to school as well!! My parents had the hardest time trying to wake me up in the morning! I've never been a morning person, especially right now ;) I'm glad he's having such a great time and so excited to see his school mates! Grady just cracks me up!! Little pieces of him are in every picture!! Ha!! He's so adorable!

Ryan V. said...

How fun! Your kiddos are super cute!

Amy said...

He's all grown-up (almost). Time sure is flying by! They are both very handsome boys!

KERRY said...

You have handsome little boys Hillary!!
I had to smile at Grady trying to make a run for it in the first pic lol
Glad the week at school has gone exceptionally well xo

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