Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Being Brave (Part 2)

Do you remember this post from back in May? Probably not :). I didn't hardly myself. I went back and re-read what I wrote that day. Sadly 4 months later I still don't feel all that much different. I had such high hopes for myself that my brain would come around or that God might intercede and make my heart hurt a little less.... (disclaimer: I'm not complaining. I'm pretty sure God is pretty busy himself right now just making sure that this little boy makes it here safe and sound).

I am marginally proud of myself though.... I finally went out yesterday and bought a couple of things for the baby!

I had originally planned on having Bobby run by the store once he was born (safely) to grab the couple of things that we would need. But, I caved yesterday  at the grocery store and bought the paci's, the paci-holders, a package of newborn diapers, and some wipes. I had a great coupon for Kohl's so I ran by and grabbed the two little newborn-sized outfits. I was pretty proud of myself! :) (I do have to admit though that I saved the receipts just in case...) All that is left on my list of things to get is some sheets for the pack-n-play that will be in our room for the first couple of months!

Grady got all excited and thought that the paci's were for him (even though we pulled the plug on those like 6 months ago). It was sad and funny all at the same time when I tried to explain about how they were for his baby brother. It's still a hard concept for him that there is a baby coming out of Momma's tummy soon.

I have also made great strides and started to kind-of pack my hospital bag. (I totally took a picture of that too but upon further review decided that no one would really want to look at one of my bras and a box of maxi-pads ;). I had a long talk with my head and it finally made sense that good or bad outcome I would still be having this baby and I would need to have a bag packed with clothes that was not packed by my husband. Because really, who wants to be stuck in the hospital in pajama pants 4 sizes too small and a bunch of silk shirts?? :) I am making him a list and taping it to the mirror in the bathroom of things that he will need to add to it though. Such things as "make-up bag" and "hair-dryer" will have to go in last minute. I'm worried that I'll be going straight from the doctors office to the hospital and he'll have to bring it later.

Ack. The axiety is killing me. Oh Lord, please let this baby come soon!


The Anglin Family said...

Yes, I still remember your post;)
I pray for you all the time. You've made it so far and I'm so glad I've gotten to follow your journey. i hate these fears...
I still have those maternity clothes I wore to the hospital in a sack. They still smell like the hospital and my perfume.
I will be praying for you until the day your lil boy comes home!

The Mama said...

Praying so hard for you through these last few weeks of your pregnancy!!! I cannot WAIT for the post that that sweet boy is here and healthy and perfect and you are home with him. What a wonderful day of rejoycing that will be!

Tristan said...

God is in control and you jsut HAVE to trust :)

praying for you and baby everyday!

Melanie Mueller said...

Yay for courage!! I am glad you made some cute purchases. I know that little Baby G will be here healthy and safe! Always praying!!
Love you!!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

He will be here safe and perfect soon! Yay for baby purchases!! I cannot wait for you to post pictures soon of your little guy!!

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