Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Friday Randoms!

  • I am soo behind in reading every one's posts right now! I will try and catch up and comment this weekend!

  • Speaking of commenting, I'm having problems again commenting. I've tried to log out of blogger and then re-log back on to fix things (similar to what was going on a couple of months ago) but it does not seem to be helping this time :(. Rest assured I'm reading, laughing, crying, and praying along with you even if I can't comment!

  • On to some fun Griffin news... I'm so proud of my little man! We have been having a go at breast feeding and he is a total champ! We having been able to do it almost exclusively and we both could not be happier. The only time I supplement is when Bobby gives him a small 2 ounce bottle at night for his Vitamin D supplement that Griffin's pediatrician recommends for breast fed babies. The drops can be taken by themselves but they were soo disgusting the first try. Poor Griffin gagged them down and then had a very hard time keeping them down. He kept acting like he wanted to throw up.

  • I took Griffin in for his PKU test at the hospital yesterday and he barely cried at all when they poked his heel! He has actually cried harder at having his diaper changed... After we got done with the test I dropped by the lactation office. They will do a free weight check on babies and Griffin already weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces!! That's up from Monday's office visit of 7 pounds 3 ounces. He is officially bigger now than when he was born. Go Griffin!

  • I'm excited that one of my besties, Amy, is coming into town tonight to visit us! It's been a super long time since I've seen her and I can't wait to have some hilarious girly chit-chat!

  • I'm still leaning how to use my new laptop. I still have no idea how to upload pictures from my camera. I only know how to post pictures that Bobby has already uploaded for me. :( I will have to add that to my to-do list this weekend. We went to a pumpkin patch last night with the boys and I have some cute pictures to post!

  • Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks soo much for all the wonderful, loving, and supportive comments that have been left. They mean the world to both Bobby and I. (He reads my blog at work and all the comments too! :) (HI BABY!)


The Anglin Family said...

So glad all is well. I'm not sure about the commenting thing. I have to stay logged out of blogger (like uncheck the stay signed in box) and put my own comments in pop up form and then I could comment again. It's all weird. Anyhow, have a great weekend with your friend;) cannot wait to see more pics of Mr. Griffin!!
Hi Bobby!!!

The Mama said...

I'm so glad that bf is going so well!! That's great news! He's doing great and so are you!!!

Sorry about the comments, I agree with Ashley, I don't stay signed in so that may help.

Have a great weekend!!

KERRY said...

Hi Hillary (& Bobby!)
Great to hear all is well with you all!!
When I get a minute I will read Griffin's birth story. Oh and fyi, I had Griffin picked out all those years ago for my first born if she happened to be a boy :)
I agree, I stay unchecked in the stay signed in box... said...

Great that everything is going so well with you darling Griffin :)) Some mums of newborns wouldn't even be able to make it to the computer... let alone out of the house !! Sounds like you're doing a great job :)) Love to you always xoxo

Natasha said...

Glad you guys are doing well!!!

Brittany said...

yeah for Griffin being a champ!!! and yeah for some girl time;))))) looks like Friday is a good day :)

ccc said...

It is so good to hear that he is gaining weight so beautifully. I can't believe you went out to a pumpkin patch!! I am in awe of you!

Mary @ VivalaVida said...

How wonderful that everything is going so well!! I'm glad to hear little Griffin is already gaining weight! I have been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch!!! Hopefully we can find some time to go! I can't wait for you to post pictures!!

Katie said...

Hillary, I couldn't be happier for you. I LOVE the picture of Graham in front of the nursery window. That's a keeper. Precious!

I'll be thinking of you this Saturday, too. Love you, sweet friend.

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