Thursday, October 13, 2011

Griffin Is 2 Weeks Old!

Holy Moly! Time is flying by! I can not believe that Griffin is already 2 weeks old. I feel like he has grown by leaps and bounds in such a short time. He acts much more mature (if that's possible for a 2 week old ;). When I take him out people always stop us, say how cute he is, and how little he is. To me, he is already HUGE! :)  I know that this is not actually the case as many many women deliver babies that weigh tons more than he does right now.

Griffin went in to the doctor yesterday for his two week checkup and here are his stats :

Birth :

Weight: 7 pounds 6 ounces (left the hospital at 7 pounds 1 ounce)
Length: 20 inches
Head Circumference : ? (I just need to get up off my couch and grab the hospital sheet but I'm too tired right now :)

5 Days :

Weight : 7 pounds 3.5 ounces
Length : the nurse didn't measure him since this checkup was mostly to check his weight
Head Circumference : 34.3

2 Weeks :

Weight : 8 pounds 1.5 ounces
Length : 20-1/2 inches
Head Circumference : 35.4

I of course totally forgot to ask Dr. S. where all this put him percentile-wise. I kinda got the impression that she didn't really care too much though, just as long as we were moving in the right direction growth wise! She likes kiddos to be back at their birth weight by this two week checkup and Griffin has surpassed it so we are totally in the clear!

My poor baby however has thrush... :(. It's not a super big deal, he just gets drops in his mouth a couple of times a day and it's already starting to clear up. Griffin is also starting to get baby acne. Both of my older boys had terrible terrible skin for at least 6 weeks after they were born and so I was expecting this for Griffin too. I am trying to take as many pictures now of him while its not too bad... I really need to get some newborn pictures done too for this same reason!

Other than those super minor things he checked out great! She said that his heart still sounds fine but will continue to monitor him since we know that he has those little heart calcification's.

Griffin is still nursing like a champ! He is nursing about every 2 hours these days (and nights). I don't mind though (ok maybe I mind just a little bit at 3 am...) as I can see how much weight hes gained in such a short time!

Sorry this is such a random post! I know it's all pretty boring to everyone except me but It's all things that I don't want to forget as I still haven't picked up a baby memory book for Griffin. I'll update later with pictures (and Bobby if you are reading this at work please don't forget to call me later and explain to me how to upload pictures! :)


The Anglin Family said...

Pictures, please!! (haha). Glad he is doing soo well!!;)

The Mama said...

What a sweet boy, sounds like he is doing GREAT! Great job on the nursing mama!!! I am looking forward to pictures :)

KERRY said...

This is not boring to me at all!! I love hearing about you and your sweet baby boy...hope you're catching up on sleep when you can! Don't worry too much about his skin, as mothers we all understand the newborn phase just put up those pics!! Please :) said...

Wonderful that he's growing and feeding so well :)) Love to hear news about him... not boring at all :) Photos would be great too xoxo

ccc said...

Great news! You sound like such a proud mama--I love it!
I had a thrush nightmare with my third. It had spread to my breasts from nursing. Hopefully yours has not gone that far(does not sound like it). If it does just e-mail me and maybe I can help.

Mary @ VivalaVida said...

Yes!! We want to see pictures!!! What great news that he is growing so well!!

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