Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Griffin's Birth Story

Week 38 and 6 Days!

Here I am in all my glory the morning that Griffin was born! HA! It was about 4 am when I had Bobby take this one last picture. :) Can you tell how awake I was at this early?!

The morning that littlest G was born we had a call time at the hospital of 6 am for an 8 am surgery. Bobby and I were both pretty excited to say the least. :) I was soo jealous that Bobby was eating breakfast and had coffee when all I had to go on was just the water from my teeth brushing :). We got to the hospital in plenty of time and got ourselves checked in. It was one of those "hurry up and wait" fun situations.

Here is Bobby and myself in the triage section before the surgery. Can you see in my lap the baby name book? We finally pulled it out to start looking through it. We of course only looked through the "G" section. :)

The two proud grandmothers! My Momma (Mimi) is on the left and Bobby's Mom (Omi) is on the right.

We had an awesome OR nurse taking care of me that was supposed to stay with me through the entire surgery process but L&D had tons of excitement that morning! Another Momma that had come in the same time as me for a repeat C-Section walked in that morning and promptly delivered her baby au natural! How crazy is that! My nurse had to take off to help out and I had another one with me. She was just as sweet though!

I finally made it into the OR a little after 8 am and they started the spinal. I was super nervous about this part because I've had such bad experiences with them. They either work great, patchy, or not at all on me. I really run the gamut on these. I had requested a particular anesthesiologist that I had had a really great experience with but he ended up busy with another patient at the time. The doctor I did get did ok though. He got the job done in 3 tries and it worked! (He did finally tell me that the space in my spine that he needed to get to was particularly narrow and deeper in than usual.)

Bobby asked me if I wanted a picture of me waiting for Griffin to come out and I said yes. He was laughing at me and had to take multiple pictures because he said that I was "too nervous looking". I was soo scared by this point!

Finally our handsome little man made his big arrival! After much pushing by the assistant surgeon and pulling by my OB (and a call for a vacuum) Griffin was born at 8:30 am weighing in at 7pounds and 6 ounces and 20 inches long!

I was sooo beyond relieved that he was finally here! I could not believe it when they told me how healthy he was! His apgar scores were 8 and 9. He did have his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but it was only once and the doctor said that it was loose.

 Griffin is my first baby to not go straight to the NICU. Both of my other boys had terrible lungs when they were born and spent the first 4 days there. I had pretty much resolved myself to this happening again but thanks be to God he was fine! Bobby and I were laughing and telling the nurses that they were going to have to help us out tons because we had not had a baby yet that was able to room in with me!

This is the view into the regular newborn nursery with baby Griffin in the window! We were soo blessed that my room was directly across from here and anytime I was nervous during the couple of hours they spent looking him over all I had to do was send Bobby over to look in the window at him! :)

Proud Big Brother Graham

I made this wreath to hang on our hospital door! It's a little on the sad side here. It had been riding around in my car for a couple of days and the ribbons needed some fluffing!

My alert little boy! Here he is with his Mimi and wearing his first outfit!

My birth experience could not have gone better! I am soo thankful to God for granting me such a wonderful gift as my newest son! I love him soo much already and it's only been one week. It feels as though he has been with our family always


The Mama said...

I tell you, he is such a pretty newborn. Boys maybe aren't supposed to be "pretty", but that's the only word I can think of. Soooo cute!!! I'm so glad it is all going well and I am so glad the birth was so great!!!

Sarah said...

He is so, so cute and precious. When I was scrolling through the pictures, I literally said out loud "that's a cute newborn", I really mean it when I say he is adorable!!!
I'm so glad you had a good birth experience! And remember that God will give you rest when you need it. You're pro at this point!

Tristan said...

you looked so pretty!!
nothing like a ne momma glow!!
he is glad you are both happy and healthy!

ccc said...

He is very adorable! I like how you said that it feels like he has been with you guys forever even though it's just been a week. I ALWAYS felt like that after my babies had been born! I hope that everything is settling down for you, and you are getting some sleep. Take care, my friend.

The Anglin Family said...

He is gorgeous, Hillary!!! What a perfect baby boy;)))
I wanna squeeze him!!!

Brittany said...

Praise the LORD for a healthy baby boy!!!! and what a cutie!!! So happy for you and your Non-NICU baby:) He's a keeper! said...

He's divine... so great that he arrived safely and without a hitch :)) Love all the photos of him and your family :)) Love his name... and great that he didn't need to go to NICU :) Such a relief all round :) Congratulations again :)) Love always xoxo

Michele said...

Weeping with joy for you guys!!!

JoyAndSorrow said...


Mary @ VivalaVida said...

He is so adorable!! I'm glad everything went so well and he was able to room with you!!

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