Friday, September 2, 2011

Week 35 (and 1 Day) !

I know that I say this every week (but I don't care, I'll say it again) I can't believe I've made it this far! I have one more week under my belt and not many more left to go. I am now more than ready to hand this little boy an eviction notice! :) I had my checkup yesterday at my regular OB office and it was fairly uneventful.

They started out by asking me to "undress from the waist-down please" so they could do the Strep B test. I gleefully told the nurse that my underpants would get to stay exactly where they were as I had already tested positive for Beta Strep waaaay back at Week 6 of pregnancy. Everything else checked out great. Great blood pressure, good weight check, good baby heartbeat and fundal measurement. We spent time talking about when to have the cerclage removed and when to set the date for the scheduled C-Section. Dr. W. offered once again to remove the cerclage at the same time as the C-Section but I'm still a bit scared about the weight of the baby tearing the cerclage out early and I'd still like the chance to maybe have this guy arrive a little bit earlier than expected :). She said that she still though I'd go past my due date even with the cerclage removed if it weren't for the C-Section.

Dr. W. said that she'd have her scheduling nurse call me yesterday with both dates but I haven't heard from them yet. I figure if I haven't heard anything by noon today I'm calling them! I promise that I'll do a small updater post later in the day with the dates if I get some answers. I know that you are all just dying to know what dates to add to your calender! HAHA :) They did get me scheduled for my last 3 appointments with Dr. W. The next one is next Thursday!

Sorry for no picture again this week of the two of us. Most days I am barely able to drag a brush through my hair and I refuse to post any pictures of my swollen, pregnant self looking all crappy... I feel like he has really "fallen out" though. It's funny, I think I look like I've shoved a giant balloon under my shirt!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 weeks and 1 day!

Size of Baby: Probably around 5-1/2 pounds by now I'd guess. No more fun ultrasounds for growth scans for us :(.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I stayed the same weight these past two weeks. But who really knows. This was the same office where I had the funky weigh in two weeks ago and I forgot to ask to be weighed on a different scale.

Maternity Clothes: Getting very very small. Most maternity tops are too small for me. I either squeeze into a maternity top if I have to leave the house or when I'm just at home I wear one of Bobby's t-shirts!

Gender: Still a little BOY!

Movement: Sometimes he kicks so hard that it's starting to hurt! Other times I can tell that the poor little guy is running out of room and he just twists and turns.

Sleep: It's been hit or miss this week. Some nights I sleep like a baby (haha) all night and don't even wake up to use the bathroom and other nights I'm up and down all night long!

What I Miss: Nothing this week!

Cravings: Okra and red meat.

Symptoms: Just the usual for this stage of pregnancy : heartburn, swelling, tiredness, anxiety :)

Best Moment This Week: My doctors appointment yesterday! I love hearing the baby's heartbeat and getting the reassurance that everything is still going good!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!


The Mama said...

Can't wait to hear the date!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! :) :)

Tristan said...

i'm excited for the date..yay!!

The Anglin Family said...

I AM dying to know! I will be praying hard for you on that csection day!!;)

Hope yall have a great weekend!!!!!!

ccc said...

I feel the same way at the end! I always went past my due date, so you have it better than I did :)
I never wanted pictures of myself either at the end-but, I am sure you look beautiful.Pregnancy is beautiful

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