Friday, September 16, 2011

1 Week And 5 Days - Bring On The Hormones

I swear that these last couple of weeks until Baby is here are moving at a snails pace!! I have felt that the rest of this pregnancy moved pretty quickly for me. I never spent a whole lot of time staring at my calender counting down days (unless there was a super big delay between doctor appointments). Holy Cow. Each day now seems like an entire week. I am soo not a fan of this being as impatient as I am.

To make matters worse I have had some crazy surge of pregnancy hormones kick in at the very last second. I was a tad bit weepy at the beginning, ok through the middle, but now here at the tail end I have turned into a crying nut job that has both my kids and my hubby looking at me funny.

Today alone I swear I have cried 9 different times. Some of the times they were for very valid reasons (worrying about how Graham is doing in school and then about finances) and others were just plain silly. Today on the way to the grocery store Grady asked to hear "Church Songs". To my 3 year old this means he wants to hear his CD of songs from Vacation Bible School from this past summer. I had to wait to dry up to go shopping because he was singing "How Great Thou Art" and it was soo precious to hear his little voice sing the words... (OH NO, NOW I'M CRYING AGAIN). When we got home from the store and Grady had lunch and I laid him down I started to cry because I was tired. Really?? I gave myself a very stern talking to because only little kids cry when they are tired and need a nap.

I'm sure that I'll cry when Bobby makes it home from work tonight because I'll be soo glad to see him. I'm pretty sure once he gets a load of me he won't be thinking the same thing... :)

Hope that everyone has a great weekend!


The Mama said... cry all you need to!!! This is your last days of pregnancy and oh man do I remember that! Hope it's a great weekend!!

ccc said...

All that crying can only mean one thing---you are VERY close to the end.
Truthfully, I would have cried at hearing a three yr old sing How great thou art--my favorite church hymn.

Mary @ VivalaVida said...

I know how you feel...I'm a VERY impatient person too! But you will see he will be here in no time! I still can't believe you're 1 wk 5 days (or less) from meeting him!!

Let it all out!! I cry for everything and anything too! It's gotten a lot better but I still do it. I've never been so emotional in my life!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Bobbi Johnson said...

Counting down the days with you (and crying with you, too). Pregnancy hormones are serious business. Tears are just a natural state of being. LOL! I can't wait to "meet" your new little man in just a few short days. Try and dig deep to find that patience. Thinking about you!!!!!

The Anglin Family said...

The tears are just part of your body getting ready to have this little guy!!! I can so remember that;) I hope you guys have a great great weekend!! Big hugs!! said...

Be gentle on yourself... it's not just hormones. You're going through so much and have been through so much. Must be exciting but nerve-racking to be so close. All my heart and thoughts are with you on the home-stretch to holding your precious little one xoxo

KERRY said...

Ok. No watching any baby shows, weddings or sad dramatic movies!! Do not read any tear jerkers either :)
You don't have long to go now!!!

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