Saturday, September 24, 2011

4 Days - Another Letter To My Baby

Here is the second letter that I actually managed to write to the baby before my serious panic set in and I got too scared to continue. Silly no? A 35 year old woman too afraid to suck it up and put her heart out there for her baby "just in case". I must have told myself a million times "Just remember Hillary, if something bad was to happen you could delete everything and no harm no foul". But I didn't and now I seriously regret it. Oh well. The fact that I've plugged away here week after week will have to suffice.

On to a happier note.... Here is the second letter to the baby!

(dated February 6th 2011)

Silly Momma

My Little Love,

Well here we are! Another week closer to meeting each other. It's still so early on and yet I find still that I can't bare the wait to see you! I couldn't help myself and I took another home test just to comfort
my heart and mind that you are still here with us.

I had to even laugh at myself... I had literally just barely started this test and the positive sign showed up beyond quickly! I love the reasuurance that this brings me!

When your Daddy saw me doing this all over again you could tell that he thought that I was completely crazy. Maybe I am but these little sticks are all I have until we do your very first ultrasound picture. That won't be until next Monday... which is just way too long for your Momma to wait!

So far this week I have still been really sleepy for a couple of hours every afternoon and nauseous several times a day! I was never ever sick with your brothers so I wonder if I feel different just because or if it is because you are a girl! Right now we still have at least 15 more weeks to wait to find that out. Talk about a hard wait for me!

I can already start to feel my shirts starting to stretch and pants to not fit well so you must be growing really well! I can't wait to start taking pictures every week for you to look back on and see your development (if only from the outside :) ).

Snuggle in well my little love!




ccc said...

These letters that you wrote to your little one are really sweet. I wish that I had done something similar with my kids. said...

Such gorgeous letters to your little one... you're such a great mum :)) Not long now... can't wait to see photos of you darling boy. Thinking of you every day this week and always xoxo

The Anglin Family said...

Oh, Hillary..this is so sweet. Makes me smile;) I know how you must've felt back then bc it's probably about how I feel..and it makes me so happy to see you SO close to meeting your fourth child;)

Brittany said...

Very sweet. Praying for you in this time before baby.

Mary @ VivalaVida said...

I think I should have started a private blog too :( I started an email account for Maxwell but have not written at all to him. Just a few more days!! I don't think I would be able to sleep!! You should though get some sleep :) Eeeeek!!!! I can't wait for you to post a pictures!!!!

KERRY said...

Oooh Hillary!! Time is so close now and I am thinking of you every day!!
Sending lots of love and cuddles your way, can't wait to see the littlest man xo

Katie said...

What treasures! So special you are doing this.

I am so sorry I'm WAY behind, but you asked where I got the angel wing necklace...I can't remember if I answered you or not. ; )

I found it at Mason's, a local boutique but maybe they have a website?

Thinking of you, Hillary!

The Mama said...

Hey girl!

I posted to you on this and for some reason it never went through.

But might I just's Monday night, and we have't heard from you since Saturday.......has there been some progress??? I'm just sitting here wondering if you have had that sweet boy or if you are having him today? If not, Wednesday is SOOOO close!!!!

m&msmommy said...

I came to check on you this morning and see you haven't posted since Saturday...I hope that means you are enjoying your beautiful baby!!!! :) I pray for you EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I will continue to pray. Can't wait to hear the news! :)

Love and prayers coming your way! :)

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