Monday, September 12, 2011

T-Minus 2 Weeks And 2 Days.... Let The Countdown Begin!

I figure that since I really am in the home stretch now I really should be blogging everyday until he's here. That's my plan at least. No promises though since irregular blogging has pretty much been my M.O. lately. I figure if I'm busy suffering right now with this big 'ole baby then one day he might want to read about it when he gets older.

(I know, who am I kidding. Neither he nor any of his other brothers will ever give two craps that their beloved mother tried to blog multiple times a week for years just so they would always have memories of their childhood. I fully undertook this blogging endeavor for my three future daughter-in-laws knowing that they will care about their hubby's life as little kids. Hi Ladies!)

Since September 28th looms in only 2 weeks and 2 days I've been trying to accomplish all the stuff around the house that I've avoided for the past 9 months. In my happy head Bobby and I will head off to the hospital leaving behind 2 well behaved little boys (HA), a sparkling clean house (Double HA), and a well stocked fridge so that no one goes hungry because they can't find something to eat because Momma is gone for 4 days (Triple HA).

But, who am I kidding? Mostly what I spend my days doing is eating for 2 (or 200), laying on my couch watching more Netflix (aka "Mad Men") than is good for me, and on occasion tossing a dirty dish into the dishwasher then patting myself on the back for being such a great Mom.

On happier notes of getting things done, we did take the boys to Build-A-Bear yesterday. Grady made one for himself because the 900 stuffed animals he has are.not.enough. Graham made one for the baby though and it was beyond cute watching him do it. I seriously almost cried in the middle of the store. When we got to the portion of it where you get to dress them I handed Graham the little outfit that was pale blue and said something about a baby. He promptly looked at me like I had a roach crawling across my face and dressed it in army fatigues and a little camo hard hat. I truly am a mother of all boys.

Quickly on to how I'm feeling today symptom-wise... If it weren't for this darn cerclage that is still in I'd swear that I was going into labor soon. I've had low back pains, nausea, no appetite, another un-mentionable symptom, and what I would swear was my mucus plug starting to come out (I'm not even sure that this one is possible considering how I'm all stitched together...).

I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll have much more to report! I'll update after we get back from the hospital from the cerclage removed. Here's to hoping that my water randomly breaks while we're there and this little guy is born soon!


The Mama said...

Soooooo excited for you!!!!!!

Don't we always have the best of intentions about when we are in the hospital? I know I did.

I totally LOL'd about your comment about writing for your daughters in law. I know they will LOVE reading this blog!!

The Anglin Family said...

It's getting so close!! Who cares how clean your house is or how much food ya got? LOL.. I know when I had cam, I prepared for weeks ha;)
I bet you go into labor after you get this cerclage out..wishful thinking?? I know you are so ready to meet your baby boy!!
Shout out to your future daughters in law!! Ha!

Tara said...

I can't believe that your D day is almost here! Housework can wait and if your men can pour a bowl of cereal, they will survive. Just take care of you!

Jayme said...

It's sooo close, you've done it! So excited and happy for you!

ccc said...

I hope you are going into labor and things happen soon! I know that I,too, felt like I had to have everything 'perfect' before I would have a baby. Even if you stock the fridge, they probably will still only eat cereal like the other comment said:)

KERRY said...

Hillary!!! You had me laughing out loud at this post!!! I started laughing at the fact that your kids (along with mine mind you) won't give a crap lol about our blogs and secondly at the roach on your face look little Grady gave you before dressing his bear in camos. I'm sorry to say but baby #3 will grow up WAY fast having those two gorgeous boys to look up to! Keep doing what you're doing, feet up, gorging on the couch in front of the box. Pretty soon, well, you know...hahaha
Love always from across the oceans xo

Mary @ VivalaVida said...

Yay!!! So excited!!! I know how you feel about cleaning the house. I had a breakdown this past weekend with tears and all because I just wanted to be Samantha (from the Nick at Night show Bewitched), wiggle my nose and have the whole house magically be cleaned. There is so much and so little time. All I do is come home sit in bed and eat pastries in bed :)

I was going to mention that your Daughter in Laws would love your posts about your kiddos when I saw you mention that they wouldn't really be interested, but you beat me to it. I love looking at hubby's baby pictures and hearing about his little adventures.

I can't believe your babe is almost here!! I bet days are extra short now!! Good luck tomorrow!!!

New Year Mum @ said...

Wow... You really are on the home stretch :) Be gentle on yourself... the boys & the house will be fine :) We just discovered Build a Bear recently... love it :) Only difference is that we're getting princess/fairy outfits !! Thinking of you everyday & sending you and bub lots of love from across the globe xoxo

Recipe for a baby said...

All getting exciting now! Good luck with the waiting!!!!

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