Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Days - A Letter To My Little One

In talking yesterday about my private blog for my baby I decided that I'd share the couple of post with ya'll that I did manage to write! I went back briefly yesterday and re-read what I'd written as I hadn't done it in months. Its funny to see that not much has changed with me (emotionally speaking) from this past January until now. I was a nervous nelly back then and still am now! Of course at the time I had very general worries. I worried about only being around 4-5 weeks along and how the risk of miscarriage still lingered. How funny that now looking back there were soo many scary events in his and my future were in store for us.

Even though there is only 5 days left before I meet my little guy I am still the same worried Momma that I was all those months ago. I hope that he is able to read back through all my posts about this time and see it was all because I loved him soo much and he was soo wanted and needed!

Without further ado...

February 1, 2011

My Little Love,

Your Daddy and I are so excited that you are finally on your way to joining our family and we can not wait for you to be here already! It has only been 2 weeks since we discovered that we were expecting you and already we dream of the day that we hold you in our arms! I suspected long before any home test or doctor could tell me that we were pregnant with you. I started feeling very sick really really early in my pregnancy. The first morning that it happened I was talking to Daddy on his way to work and all of a sudden it struck me that I felt really nauseous! Normally I don't ever feel this way so in the back of my head I already knew...

It was a week later that I decided to take a home pregnancy test to confirm my suspicions. The testing box stated that you could test "6 days sooner". I think I must have tested 7-8 days sooner :). I just couldn't wait any longer! I told myself that I would not be upset with any negative results, I would just wait an extra couple of days and try again. Here is what Daddy and I saw that Saturday night!

I hope that these come out clear enough that you can see the faint little lines that made both Daddy's and my heart stop!
The next morning when I woke up, I took another one...

This one is just a little bit more obvious with the response! PREGNANT!

At six weeks I will take a picture of what Momma looks like with you in my tummy. We are also excited because the first time that Daddy and I get to see you will be at the doctor on February 14th! How perfect is that gift on Valentines Day! You are truly our little gift from God and we are ever thankful for Him!

Love you!



The Anglin Family said...

Love this, Hillary. ;)

KERRY said...

Lots of love Hillary XOXO

Amy said...

Not gonna be able to make it down to SA until Oct.7 so I need to see one last pic before next wednesday!! pleassssee! :)

Mary @ VivalaVida said...

Aw! Thinking back to 5/6 weeks makes it feel like so long ago!!!

The Mama said...

Love this!!! So sweet!

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