Friday, September 14, 2012

All Things Griffin

Oh the agony that is cleaning out your last baby's baby things. :(

To my delight I found out last week that one of my good friends is expecting baby #2. (Hi Deborah!) and so it was time to pass along a ton of Griffin's gently used things. It seemed that every item I touched held a special memory. Stacks of receiving blankets, burp clothes, sleep positioners, and a couple of random things are now gone from our home. It's pretty hard to wrap my head around not needing those things ever again.
Maybe my crap-tastic Blackberry phone pictures make these look all trendy and Instagram-ish??

On a brighter note, I'm pretty happy to get Griffin's room cleaned out and organized again. That sense of not having things hoarded up in his room is freeing. It really helps balance out that sad, scared, "where has my tiny baby gone?" feeling.

Moving on to other Griffin things :), he is LOVING table food! If it's soft of can be cut up very, very small he's all over it. This is so fun now because I can make him little plates of food just like I do his big brothers! For as sad it is to not really have to buy or make baby food anymore, its so exciting to move on to "big kid" stuff with him!

Just this morning, Griffin decided that he would take a sippy cup. I had been worrying about this for a while. I started to gently introduce one with meals a while back but Griffin would get soo upset that they weren't his bottle. I ended up just stopping for a while. No sense in traumatizing him when my goal is for him to stop formula and bottles at one year (which is September 28th y'all!!). This morning I randomly filled one with a little bit of water and he liked it! Like almost everything else when it comes to kids, they'll do what they want to do when they're ready to do it. One would think that after 3 kids I'd be all over this concept but sadly it's still not sinking in well :).

I really need to figure out my camera situation. I'd love to post a video of Griffin and his mad crawling skillz. (must remember to check and see if I can upload video's from my crappy Blackberry onto here...) It's seriously hilarious. His left leg does the regular crawling maneuver (meaning on his knee with a forward/backward motion). His right leg, however, does something completely different. He walks on his foot and uses it to propel himself forward with extra force. Some in the family find this concerning, I on the other hand see this as brilliant. I figure that he's realized how much more efficiently he can get around with all that extra force he generates. Opinions in the blog community on this??

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Melanie Mueller said...

Oh sweet Griffin! He just seems to get more adorable each day!! Glad he likes his sippy cup now!
So hard to clean out, freeing but hard. One thing that I think we will have to look forward to one day....
fabulous weekends of you and I shopping and getting manis and pedis while our hubbies take all of our boys hunting! =)

ginmommy said...

He's so cute! It is hard moving on!

Tesha said...

Gosh I never get tiered of seeing his sweet face:) As far as cleaning out baby things I have a serious hard time with that and had a FULL garage to prove it. I find it so difficult to let go of baby stuff maybe because I always think there will be another or maybe it is because I look at my almost 15 year old and know how fast it goes, big sigh. Well good for you would love to see that crawl it sounds HILARIOUS :)

Kacey said...

Griffin can't be one so soon! It's gone so fast! You've done well with the clean out. Now that it's starting to get warm here I've cleaned out all of James' winter stuff and I couldn't believe how much stuff we accumulated!

KERRY said...

I totally understand you when you say it is sad to pack away or give away their baby things :( But it is so fun doing all the new stuff with them too, like big boy food and clothes and sippy cups! Wow, nearly 1 already?? Have a great week my friend xoxo

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