Thursday, September 13, 2012

Poopy McStinkerson

Ugh. Griffin woke up from his morning nap earlier this morning COVERED in poo. I heard him start to gently fuss so I went to get him. The smell of the poo-spolosion hit me the second I walked into his room.

It was everywhere...

In his hair, all over his feet, up his legs, his hands, arms, just everywhere.

All I could do was grab him under his arm pits and haul is stinky little tush downstairs to the big bathroom. I didn't even bother with wipes. I could have used a hundred of them for this one clean up job.

Griffin got a good scrub and rinse, with the drain open, followed by a long soapy soak.

Dude still smelled like poo even when were done. Ugh.

Thank God he's cute! :)

(I'd also like to briefly apologize for my crappy blogging. Grady broke my other camera and I'm stuck using my horrid cell phone to take pictures of the boys.)


Melanie Mueller said...

YUCKO!!! Good morning Mama!! =)
He sure is stinkin' ADORABLE!!;)
Love him so!

Melanie Mueller said...
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Tesha said...

Yuckkkk been there and done that like yesterday:) He is such a cutie!Bummer about the camera hey weren't you going to get a new one anyway;)

The Momma said...

Sweet boy!!! Been there! At least he is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!! Been missing you :)

KERRY said...

Kids break everything lol Liam has sucked on my phone one too many times so now I cannot call on it, just text and email!! Lucky they are ALL cute!!
Hehehe, hope your day got a little less stinky lol

M+W said...

LOL! Max does this all the time too!! And of course poo smells worse as they get older so it hasn't been roses lately. Yuck! I think that's why God makes them so cover up their stinkyness ;)

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