Saturday, September 22, 2012

***Free Things Right Now***

Ok y'all so I felt compelled to tell you about all the freebies I found yesterday! It was such an awesome day for free things I could hardly believe it!

Y'all keep in mind that some of these specials probably end today or tomorrow so be sure to jump on them now. But, that's usually just the way the deals are run. The better they are the quicker you must act.

  • Paper Coterie -  $40/$40 credit. You will only pay shipping on this deal! How amazing is it to just get handed $40 and told to spend away! I ordered these two gems yesterday afternoon

This cute memory box is for all of Griffin little items that I've been collecting for him since birth (hospital bracelets, cards, his coming home outfit, etc.). It measures 10"x10" and should be perfect for his room. 

This is a hard-bound journal that I picked up for Graham. It can be personalized with both picture and name! Graham loves to doodle, make list of games he's saving for etc. so this will be a perfect journal to save back as a fun Christmas gift!

The code for this deal is WELCOME2012 and the deal ends tomorrow so head on over there right now!!

  • The next great deal is from Shutterfly. It is for a free address labels! Maybe it's just me that gets excited about mailing labels... I just LOVE them! I went ahead and pre-ordered some for Christmas. 

I just love how the gray looks against the colored bulbs! I'm not sure what my Christmas cards will look like this year but this should match no matter what I pick out.

THIS DEAL ENDS TODAY! So hurry up and take advantage of this!! The code for this deal is FREELABELS.

  • The last deal I have for you is for Enfagrow Ready to Use Formula.
Free Enfragrow
(sorry it's kinda a crappy picture, but you get the idea)

Follow this link here and go to Passion For Savings. Install their coupon printer on your computer and print out this coupon. (I promise this part only takes a second...) It's an incredibly high value coupon and pretty much covers the cost of the entire product. It states that it's good for Walgreens, but I bet you can just as easily use this at Walmart. Don't forget, you can print these coupons twice so make sure to do that and grab 2 at the store! Walgreens is supposed to have this product on sale tomorrow (SUNDAY) so use this coupon then. If you don't have kids that are a toddler's age then why not grab some for a friend or a food pantry?? Since I do have a little one almost ready to use this I printed out my own 2 coupons and then called my SIL Melanie to print me out the 2 she could. I may call a couple of other friends to do the same for me and get little Griffin all stocked up!! 

I usually run across pretty good deals like this (and by pretty good I mean down-right FREE). Would y'all be interested if I posted my free finds for y'all?? Is that too boring to blog about? (Oh and I don't get paid by any company to do this, that's just how nice I am :)

Happy Saturday!


Kristy said...

Post away friend!

Beth Ann said...

Yes, post away! And tell me more about the toddler formula. I am not familiar with it and don't understand it's purpose- H is already drinking whole milk!

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