Friday, September 21, 2012

Embarrass Your Husband Friday

I was going to save this post for a future time when my hubby pissed me off but I just couldn't wait :). My online friend Gretchen posted the most hilarious picture of her husband this morning and spurred me on to post my own. Go and check her out and laugh with me!

So remember that post I did about tucked pants inside butt?

Check out this butt-tastic picture...

What a tush! :) That is of course, my foxy hubby on the left and his little sister Stacy on the right.

Once again, my trend-setting hubby is the one of the left, WITH THE PINK HAT ON, his brother Cody (Melanie's husband), and Stacy. Please take notice that both Bobby and his little SISTER are striking the same pose. 

Happy Friday! Hope y'all have a great weekend!


ginmommy said...

HA HA! I love it!! I'm so glad you joined in the fun!! Love the short shorts, ha!

Melanie Mueller said...

This made me laugh so hard!! I bet Bobby loves it!!

Brittany said...

oh these are funnnnnyyyy!

Tesha said...


KERRY said...

hehehe I would have loved to have seen his expression when Bobby read this post!!

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