Monday, September 17, 2012

Always Use Your Best

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to host a bridal shower in my home for my very good friend Coree. And of course, when you get a group of ladies together here in the South, something must be alcoholic...

True to form, the punch filled the boozy role for us. While the brew was being concocted, many, ahem, samples had to be had. And being that we were at a shower and trying to be very formal and lady-like :) we used these gems to sample the punch...

I'm not sure if you can determine the scale of these but they are (I'm guessing here) cordial glasses . They are tiny! There were a wedding gift from almost 12 years ago and have never been used. (Bobby and I are not big cordial fans :).

Anyway, back to the story, darned if I didn't walk in my dining room to find several of my friends had raided my china hutch, pulled these out, and were using them as very fancy shot glasses. I LOVE my friends. They never cease to crack me up!

It got me to thinking though, I have a china hutch filled to the brim with beautiful and expensive crystal and china that is never used!

Sorry, this center portion of my hutch doesn't open.

And, this is just the top portion of my cabinet! All my wedding dishes are packed away!

All of this really got me to think. I really would like to have a party for myself and my friends (hubby's included of course, no children please.) :) and pull out all of my wonderful things! This has all sat sadly for years, covered partly in dust, partly in furniture polish. It's time for it to get pulled out and start making some memories!

Life is short y'all! Always use your best!


The Momma said...

What great advice!! I use my wedding china a few times a year when we have company. But my crystal hardly ever gets used. I agree, life is short. I'm going to start using mine more often!!!

Sounds like y'all had a good time :)

Tesha said...

I love a fancy party every now and then. We have far to few mostly on Holidays. Your right though life is truly short. Love the rocks of Caroline's name :) :) :)

Nicole said...

I think we have used our good china and Stemware maybe once, possibly twice. And we've been married 8 years. What a waste of some beautiful (and expensive) dishes. You're right...we should use them!

ginmommy said...

Crack me up! Love that you said, "of course, something has to be alcoholic."

I love the idea of a fancy party like that! Trust me, as fancy as we get is solo cups! ;)

KERRY said...

You guys drink cordial out of those glasses?? Is your cordial the same as our cordial? LOL Cause we don't drink our cordial outta glasses that nice lol

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