Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Brief Discourse On How I Like To Torture My Husband

This morning my beloved received a text from me that had this picture and the words...

"Look at what you have to put up!"

 You see I have this awesome friend who had a gorgeous hanging lamp over her dining room table and upon hearing how much I loved it she removed it from her ceiling and brought it over to me! Seriously! How amazballz!

In my VAST imagination it hangs right here over my ginormous tub. To my girl-ish and constructionally (#ijustmadethatwordup) ignorant mind he can some how pull out the light bulb and just simply install my gorg chandelier right here. Right?

My husband's reply was less than thrilling for me to hear...

"Not without tearing down the ceiling to redo the electrical."

Surely he jests. He just must not remember the light bulb spot. Cause you know, if there is a light bulb there then there is electricity and that is all that my little chandelier need to work. Right?

I figure that his memory is the problem so I then text him the next picture to kindly remind him that there need be no removal of any ceiling to get the job done. 

I find it just crazy that I haven't heard back from him yet. :)

**Please ignore my 1980's bathroom with the solid gold fixtures, glass block shower, and PINK wooden cabinet. Surely you can you see why it's vital that I get started re-doing this bathroom??


ginmommy said...

She took down her light, just because you like it?! WOW, I need that kind of friend. ;-)

Tesha said...

Love the lamp!!:) I do the same to my hubby and often do not get a response???LOL PS I love your bathroom and would trade any day:)

Kerry said...

Hahaha I can't wait to find out how this works out for you Hillary! My Bobby took three years to hang a new mirror I purchased!!

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