Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All About Hillary ~ Part One

Can I just say quickly how much I love this! (I mean really, come on, who doesn't love to talk about themselves...) 

The first question comes from Mary. She wanted to know what Bobby does for a living.

My hubby is a GM for a lighting company. That is some seriously exciting stuff right there y'all. (not really :) His true passion is for building and construction. He was involved with various parts of those industries until a couple of years ago when the housing market just totally crapped out. It's just a really volatile industry to get into, especially when you have  family to think of and support. Maybe one day when things are a little more steady out there he'll get back into it. I know his heart is still pining away... Anyone remember this post? It is a hilarious detail of my hubby's work...

The second question I received came from Tristan! She wanted to know what my favorite thing was about each of my children.

This is a hard one! I know that each of us has about a zillion things about our kids that we just adore so I'm going to narrow this one down to characteristics.

My favorite thing about Graham is his sense of humor. His sense of humor is so dry sometimes it's easy to miss the joke that he's making. I usually catch it the bulk of the time and just die from laughter. He seems like such a grown up to me when he pulls off these jokes of his! He has near perfect comedic timing and it just makes it all the better!

Grady's best characteristic is his pure zest for life! He is so active and exuberant about almost everything. He's a blast to take anywhere new. He loves to learn and ask questions. He's very full-force most of the time (which can get a tad tiring for me) but I really think that this is the gift that God has given him! I always laugh and say that it's my job to direct all this zest. Grady will either use his zest for good and cure cancer or for bad and be the next Enron CEO. :) HA!

Griffin will be hard to nail down on this one. He's still so little at just 15 months. His little personality is just really starting to come out. He does seem to be very easy going though. I think that my little sweetheart has learned that he just has to be patient and wait in line since there are two older (and louder) brothers to contend with! I love that he can go with the flow and just hang out with whatever else we have going on as a family.

My sweet online friend Gretchen wanted to know if I wasn't a stay at home Momma, what would I do?

I think I'll take this as "if I could do anything that I wanted to do what would it be". I would be a novelist! I'd get a cozy office set up and write, write, write! In my imagination my boys would all be in school so that I'd have  guilt-free time alone from the hours of 8-3 to write, research and attempt to get published. One of my favorite novelist (because I love the combined genre of history AND mystery) is Deanna Raybourn.  I read her blog of how/why she does her writing, stalk her on facebook, and read ever.single.word she puts out. Did I mention that she was born and raised right here in San Antonio? I think that the reason I adore her so much is that I'd write very similar to her!

Stay tuned! More Q&A to come tomorrow!! (oh yeah, and I'll draw the winners at the conclusion of this all!)


ginmommy said...

LOVED getting to know more about you! This is a great idea, and I might try it sometime too. You are right, we all love to talk about ourselves! ;-) And I love what you would do, I'm the same way, I would love to either dance or write. :-)

Tristan said...

aw..i love reading these answers!!
what precious boys you have!!!

And..my favorite thing about Caroline is the fact that she makes me appreciate my girl more. I hope you know how much she touches lives, because she SO does :)

Candance said...

Well, it's not like I didn't already tell you what your book needs to be about...

Kerry said...

Hey sweet friend! I have missed you soooo much too!!!! So glad to be back to blogging and catching up with all my good friends on here...I am going to love this series of getting to know you better. I already am amazed that I didn't know you loved to write and that you read all the time. Good for you, I hope your dream comes true one day of being a published author :)

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