Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Solid Picture Only Post Compliments Of My New Camera!

Get ready for 1000 pictures of Graham at the Cubscout Pinewood Derby 2013! 

Graham and his friend Michael

Cheery Grady!

Graham wanted his to be a "Halo" car. He really likes the idea of the Halo game but hasn't even played it yet! 

Some awesome moms (not me) went all out and made incredible cakes that were auctioned off.

A totally random shot of Graham's cafeteria. Graham's school is really new and they went BOLD with color and design. I LOVE it!

The amazing bake sale.

I love that they are saying the Pledge of Allegiance in School!

The cubscouts invited the Kindergarten boys to come in watch. Hopefully they will all want to come and join next year!

Littlest kids in front... :)

They projected each kids name and time up on the gym wall as they were going. So cool!!

43 cars!

The younger boys that were lined up along the track gave everyone "fives" as they got done racing their cars. Love me some sportsmanship!

A VERY rare moment for the Mueller brothers...

Call Me Maybe :)

The City lent a couple of Firefighters to entertain the kids during some down times.

My kid's car beating another kids car. :)

2nd Place overall.

Bobby had just seen the results before the general announcements. 

Graham received one trophy for 1st place in his Den.

and second place overall!!

The city also sent over a police officer to write the 1st place winner a speeding ticket.

Graham and his friend Bryce.

I'm so proud of my big winner!!!


ginmommy said...

NEW CAMERA! NEW CAMERA!! Looks great :)))

The Momma said...

Yay! Love the new camera! What wonderful pictures!

Melanie Mueller said...

Yay Graham!! Great job! So proud of you!! Awesome pictures Hillary!!

Beth Ann said...

Great pics- yay camera! But don't forget to come out from behind it every once in a while! ;)

Tesha said...

Yeaaaa for an awesome camera LOVVVE the pictures!!:)

Kerry said...

What a handsome Cub Scout you have there!! And I like the picture of Bobby & Grady too :)

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