Thursday, January 17, 2013

All About Hillary ~ Part Three

You guys are awesome if you're still hanging in there with me!

This question comes from my dear dear friend Tesha! Tesha wanted to know if I have a heavy accent and also if Bobby and I have any plans to have more kiddos. 

I have almost zero accent. :) Since I'm from far North Texas I might as well be a Yankee. HA! Either my ear is just attuned differently and I'm used to it but I don't feel that I hear many "twangy" accents very often. I would imagine if one got far enough into West Texas you might here it more. My husband, on occasion, has a lilt to his voice that is reminiscent of his German ancestry. This is just something he has picked up from his family and their intonation. Maybe this weekend I can get around to doing a Vlog! I've never done one before and it makes me terribly nervous just thinking about it... but at least that way you could be the judge!

Tesha, do you guys sound like this??

This is Saturday Night Live's "The Californians". Hilarious!!! 

The issue of having more babies is a sad one for me. If we had more money, more space, and a much better cervix I think we might! (If you are new here please refer to these posts :)

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 Last night I just burst out crying sad tears at the end of Modern Family when Sophia Vergara had the baby. Bobby just sat there and looked at me like I was crazy while I explained my tears :). We are starting to hit soo many "last firsts" with Griffin and I know that that will be the last time one of my babies gets his first tooth, first haircut, first step etc. 

Jamie wanted to know how on Earth I juggle three boys!

Haha! Please refer to the question where I address needing outside help! HA! No in all seriousness I take my "job" very seriously. They are my everything and so my everything belongs to them. I don't mean to sound like a martyr here but I literally try and give them all of me. Some days my teeth hair doesn't get brushed and my clothes are just clean pajamas. I feel that their needs come waaay before mine do. I give up the bulk of any personal time because I know that in their little lives right now this is the most important thing for them and myself. The day is not too far away where they will all be in school and I'll be sitting around in full makeup with great hair, a clean house, and missing them so bad ... In a nutshell they stay halfway together while I'm near falling apart :). They are worth it all and more!!

This is my "real life" picture. One is crying, one has his eyes closed, and one is being good (for a change...). 

Christina's question was do I ever see myself returning to the "outside of the home working mom" gig. 

I do! I'm not sure if it would be a paid position or not though.We have a local library here that works on mostly on volunteers. I imagine that I'd love to be able to go over there and help out as needed. I like to idea of getting out of the house and doing something for myself and the community while still having time to get the boys home, homework done, dinner ready etc. I worked in a Library in College Station while Bobby and I were engaged and I loved it! I would also love to go back to school to get a library science degree :).

That's it for today! Part 4 to come tomorrow!


Kristy said...

I didn't think you had an accent. I don't really have one either unless I say certain words. However my friends from east Texas have really strong Texas accents.

ginmommy said...

You are awesome.

Katie said...

LOVE the picture of your three boys, Hillary!

Tesha said...

Hillary I love these post they are so fun!!! How did you get that video of Us?....BAAA HAAAA LOL. That was to funny. I am from Tenn so I Sometimes have a slight southern accent:) I would love to see you do a vlog I think it is so fun to see videos of online friends. I read all the Cervix doom post pretty scary:/ I had never read those. I thought you lost Caroline due to an infection. I had gone back and read old post but they were the one about Caroline. I so get what you are feeling about your last baby. I have been feeling that way lately also. We have tried for almost a year to get pregnant and now I have to take birth control to get the endo under control. SO who knows if I will get another baby but I sure hope so. I am trying to savor Joseph a little bit more. You are such a good mommy your love for all your kids just shines bright! Oh and I love that pic of your beautiful boys! :)

Shannon said...

It's so nice getting to know you more and more on each of these post!

It is sad to think that you won't have more babies. I'm trusting God personally (at least I try on most days) on that on. I'm not ready to stop having my heart hurts for you!


Kerry said...

Wow Hillary you are really an inspiration to me, the way you mother those boys of yours and give them your everything. Sometimes I don't feel like I am giving my all because I zone out haha but I think that comes from mental exhaustion and just needing ten mins to myself. I like to think I am a great mum but I love how you described yourself way better ;) I also love how you described that 'real' photo of your boys!! You are keeping it real and I adore that fact!!

Jamie said...

Thanks so much!!!

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