Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Love

Yay! We had a great checkup today! What a relief! The baby was measuring right on track for dates (and in some circumstances a little ahead which is just fine with this Momma...). His or her heartbeat was an awesome 149 beats per minutes. Of course the ultrasound tech always starts out with the cervical check first (which was still holding great she said) but while doing that she made the comment of just how much the little baby was moving! This is always great news to me because while we wait for my cervix to be checked that means that we also have to be waiting to see the heartbeat. Do I really need to say one more time that this is always my biggest concern?? :)

The tech also told us today that this would be the last time that she would be able to fit the baby onto the whole screen and from now on it would only be bits and pieces! We could not be more proud of our growing little baby!

The second that she started the ultrasound I began my begging and pleading for her to look and see if it was a boy or a girl. She smiled really big at us like it was the 400th time that day she had been asked that question :). She looked quickly but said that the baby had its legs closed but that she would definately check again at 16 weeks and she should be able to tell very easily then! I can not wait!!

We also got to see the cutest thing ever today! During the midst of our ultrasound the tech stoped moving the wand for a second and directed us to specifically watch what the baby was doing. The baby was playing with its own feet!! I know this sounds so silly but when we were watching it happen it really struck home with us that this is really our little baby! Its not just a wiggly little worm in my belly anymore but a little someone!! Both Bobby and I had tears in our eyes for a while.

Also a little disclaimer... I feel a little silly labeling what seems soo obvious to me and probably all of you (like head and spine etc.) but in the future I may forget or my kids may want to look through this and need a little help). Oh and I also appologize for the millionth time about the use of all my exclamation points!! I get really excited sometimes!!

We go back again in two weeks for another ultrasound and will also be learning how to give me the progesteron shots. I hear that they are pretty painful but I'm willing to do just about anything and everything for this little baby!


Jamie said...

So cute! The shots can be depends on who gives it. It really helps later on (the next few days) if they massage it in right after administering it. If they don't then I'd recommend rubbing it for a minute or so because it also helps the swelling. But, you kinda get used to them. I'm only 7 weeks and have taken 4 for this pregnancy already and took them all of last pregnancy. Grow baby Grow!! I'm so excited for you!

Katie said...

SO happy to hear about your appointment. Love those sweet baby pictures. ; )

Tristan said...

oh my goodness..playing with its feet..ahhh..that is soooo sweet!!!!!

So glad baby is growing!!!
I still think boy..haha

Recipe for a baby said...

Congratulations with your scan! Sounds like you had a terrific experience!

Michele said...

so adorable!!!!

Jayme said...

Yay for a great baby update!

I never did the progesterone shots, but I did have to give myself injections of blood thinners twice a day for several of my pregnancies. The first couple of times, I was nervous, but it quickly became second nature :)

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Oh my gosh!! So cute!! I'm so glad your appointment went so well!!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

How darling! I'm so excited for you :)

New Year Mum said...

Wonderful news... love the photos and great that so excited for you !!! So lovely that you saw him/her playing with their feet... gorgeous xoxo

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