Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am once again joining up with Jaime to participate in WILW! I'm Loving tons of stuff this week!

{1} Rosie Pope in " Pregnant in Heels". Have you seen this show on Bravo?? It's so fun to see how other pregnant Mommas in a different area with different ideas handle things. Plus it just cracks my ace up that some women feel the need for a pregnancy concierge!

Episode Image

I laughed so hard when she had to put together a "focus group" for a Mom and Dad so other people (strangers) could give their input on their future baby's name!

{2} I'm loving the party invites for Grady's birthday party that is coming up soon!

DIY Printable Birthday Party or Event Package. MONSTER MASH Collection. Customizable. Cupcake Toppers. Banner. Favor Tags. Owl. First Birthday. Any Age. Boy or Girl. Little Monster.

I found these on Etsy. When it gets closer to the party, I'll have Bobby scan the actual invitation in so ya'll can see. This woman is amazing for $25.00 you get a ton of templates in a pdf file and then you just print everything out yourself! It even comes with an image to put on his birthday shirt. How cute is that!

{3} The new baby! (you just knew I had to put this on my list)

{4} New paper plate holders!

Paper Plate Holders Set of 8

These are just cheapie ones that I found at Harriet Carter but they are perfect for us! I am trying to find all sorts of ways to make this spring and summer easier for me. I figure that if we are using paper plates then that's just a ton of less dishes for me to wash. (disclaimer... I usually really dislike using too many paper products and prefer to uses dishes, dishrags etc for environmental reasons but for right now I really feel that I have to be a little bit more practical and I promise to recycle every bit else of what I can!)

{5} I'm loving our new Caroline sign!

The sweetest woman Laura over at Angel Baby Names made this for us! She makes the cutest little images to celebrate every baby lost. All you have to do is shoot her an email with the baby's name and some things that you like. I was a total loss when I sent her this email. I really didn't know what I wanted so I just said that I wanted something really sweet, really girly, and I liked pink and green. This is what she came up with! Can you image what a wonderful person you must be to just do this for anyone who asks? I loved it!

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! What are you loving?


m&msmommy said...

I watched "Pregnant in Heels" on DVR last night and was in shock! In so many instances I just kept thinking, "Wow, really?" Not to judge, but some people just seemed a bit "skewed" from my reality! :)

The invites are adorable! And your little baby is PRECIOUS! :)

*Kelly* said...

What a precious baby and those party invites are so cute and colorful. Love it!!!!

I'll have to check out that show.

Greer's Gossip said...

Congrats on the new baby!

I love those paper plate holders!

Beth McC. said...

Pregnant in Heels is on my DVR I cant wait to watch!

Tristan said...

hahaha..i love that show..cracks me up!!

how sweet is that sign..ahh...too sweet!

New Year Mum said...

Love your list.... especially the US photo of your bub :)) Great invites... will look fantastic and your new sign for Caroline really does look sweet - such a lovely way to see you beautiful name in memory of your gorgeous little girl xoxo

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

That show looks awesome :) I need to watch it.

Katie said...

I love Grady's invitations. What a cute idea!

Caroline's name looks so sweet and perfect. Just like her. ; )

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I wish I had cable to see that show!! I've been hearing a lot about it! I have never heard of paper plate holders!!! That is so neat!! We usually don't use paper plates but that makes me want to go get some!!

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