Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Momma Is Coming To Town!

Ya'll, my Momma is coming to town! I am so excited that I just know that this whole entire post will be filled with exclamation points!

My Momma lives about 5 hours away from us up in Dallas and I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. I miss her so bad sometimes! Despite being 35 years old I still feel like I need her every day. I know that my boys sure do... Grady sometimes tells me "Go to Mimi's house" when we get on a large interstate near here. It breaks my heart for him that he can't see her every day or even every week. I know that this is really common in tons of family's but it still hurts.

I love that my Momma still "Moms me" when shes here (or when we're there!). If I'm sitting down she'll offer to bring me a cold drink or a snack. She'll take me to lunch, fold laundry, chit-chat, pretty much anything to make my couple of days with her just shine! I love that despite our ages she still wants to take care of me. To be honest, I love it! In my regular day to day life I don't let a lot of people do those things for me. I like to take care of business or my family all by myself. I like to be in charge. But, when she's here, I happily surrender almost all control ! :)

I plan on finally sharing our big BABY news with her too tomorrow! I will proudly be able to share with her the first time that I'm 17 weeks pregnant! I have yet another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon with our new OB and I hope that she'll want to go with me. She has never been able to go to an OB appointment with me before (for any of our kids) so it should be pretty momentous!

I'm busy trying to clean my house now like a busy little bee! I know that she'll understand when things don't look perfect when she gets here, but I'd at least like the house to be a little bit more "fresh" than what I normally keep it!

Another reason I'm super excited is that I haven't told Graham yet. He loves his Mimi so much so I plan on picking him up from school early tomorrow and taking him to the airport with me to get her. I've been telling him all week that if he's good and helps me around the house then he'll get a great big surprise on Friday!

I can't wait to have tons of fun pictures to show ya'll from this weekend!


ccc said...

How special! What a blessing it is to have a great mom and grandma. Have fun while she is here. I hope she does go to the OB appt.--I know my mom and mom-in-law really enjoyed different aspects of our pregnancies because things were so different than when they were having babies.

Katie said...

How much FUN! I feel the same way about my mom. ; )

So glad she is coming!

New Year Mum said...

Hope you have a lovely time with your mum... so lovely that she can go to your appt with you xoxo

Recipe for a baby said...

Have a terrific time with your Mum!

rebecca said...

Hope you guys have a fantastic time together! So relieved to hear your last blood work came back normal. Sending so much love your way and hoping you only continue to receive reassuring news ((hugs))

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