Friday, April 8, 2011

Keepin' It Real Thursday (Err....Friday)

So Angie over at Slaughterhouse Rules has been doing the funniest posts I have ever seen! For the past couple of weeks (or maybe longer because I'm a little slow sometimes) she has been doing a post called "Keepin' It Real Thursdays". In this post she shows what her house really looks like.

I laughed soo hard the first time I read her post and then saw her pictures. She and I apparently live in the same house and I never noticed. You know how when you do a post and you try and make the pictures that go with it look just perfect like you have/lead this really clean and organized life?? (don't lie, you know you do it too...)

Her pictures show what you normally don't get to see. The pile of clothes that never got put up, the pile of diapers that never got taken out, the stack of mail that's been in the same place for a month... you get the idea. I love that she does this with such humor and grace that all my guilt and despair  over how my house looks disappeared for a whole hour!

I wanted to give this a try myself as a practice run this week. Angie has said that she'll try and start a link up for this funny project next week!

This is the dresser in my bedroom. Egad! Its currently serving as a mish-mash holding place for a little bit of everything. I tried to get all artsy and whatnot and do a reflection in the mirror of my bed that's still not made at 10:26 this morning (and not very likely to get made at all if truth be told).

Do you love my luxurious bathtub? Its currently filled with my box of stuff for Goodwill.

Ahh. The best of all. My dreaded kitchen sink. I was super proud of myself that I got half of it loaded into my dishwasher this morning. Sadly its the smaller half of the sink and my poor dishwasher was filled with just that half.
 I was laughing at myself as I wandered around the house this morning trying to pick what to take a picture of because frankly, I just had too many choices! I can't wait until next Thursday. It will seriously be the easiest post I've ever written!


New Year Mum said...

Fantastic idea... love keeping it real :)) But honestly... looking after yourself is the most important - dishes and everything else can wait xoxo

Bobbi said...

I love this idea!!!! I think we all try to show we live a "perfect life," despite our imperfections, through our blogs. If I snapped pictures of my house right now, I'm sure I'd get some laughs. Although, I don't have a box of stuff in my bathtub. :) Thanks for all the comments lately on my blog. I truly appreciate your support. I'm so happy to see you're going strong at 14 weeks. I can't WAIT to be in the "clear" and in the 2nd trimester. Until then...just taking each day one at a time. xoxo

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

LOL! I love this post ;) I can relate.

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