Friday, February 3, 2012

Crafting With Chalkboard Paint!

I have seen soo many cute ideas lately using old silver trays and a little chalkboard paint. I seriously have been about to die waiting to try this! Since I am a complete newbie at this I though I would go cheap just in case I really messed something up. :) I found an old silver tray in my mom's garage during Christmas and brought it back with me. I hope she doesn't mind once she sees what I've done to it! The other silver tray I painted was just one that I found at the dollar store. I can handle wasting a buck if it didn't work out!

The chalkboard paint was the most expensive thing that I purchased for this project. I was $7.99 but I used a 40% off coupon that I had to make much less expensive!

I then used blue painter's tape to tape off the area that I wanted to leave paint-free. I wish I had found a simpler tray to use for my first try. Trying to get around all those little twists and turn in the tray about drove me nuts! :)

Here it is after it was painted. Can you see that I also managed to use a tray that had some engraving in it? I had thought that I would be using enough paint to fill in those groves. Thank goodness it didn't change the effect!

Just for grins, here is the pattern! 

Here is the little tray that I purchased at the Dollar Store! This one was soo much easier! The straight lines made applying the tape fast and easy!

I am seriously in LOVE with how my big tray turned out!! I can't believe it went from being tarnished and hiding in a garage for years to now being proudly displayed on my dinner room table! I love that I can switch out messages on it as often as I'd like!

Here is how the little tray worked out. Not too bad for an investment of a little over a dollar! I can't wait to find a special place for this little guy! 

I still have a ton of paint left in the spray can. Nothing will be safe in my house now! :)


Beth Ann said...

Very cute!

The Anglin Family said...

Love! I've done this on a few gets addictive! I saw some jars on twitter that are presh that I'm going to try next!
I love love the one on your table!!!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!;))

Tristan said...

totally cute!!

The Mama said...

Oh man! I think they both turned out SO great! I love that idea!!

Looks great!

Melanie Mueller said...

Awesome!! I may have to try this too!!

Brittany said...

LOVE LOVE IT!!! I have several "cheap" trays that I would love to try this on!

Looks good!

VivalaVida said...

oh my!! Those turned out so nice!!

Tara said...

I love this! I'm going to have to try it. I'd love to have one as the "MENU" for the day

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