Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

  • Here's a post for you random person who "unfollowed" me because I haven't blogged in days! Sorry I don't mean to sound bitter today but stuff like that hurts my feelings... 

  • I had a whole post planned out that was going to be called Overwhelmed. Then I read Brittany's post today and I made the choice to give up on my pity-party. It was the kick in the pants that I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself today. Ya'll stop by and give this woman of God some love, she's amazing!

  • Griffin has been doing pretty good with the sleep training! Up until the past couple of nights he was only waking up once or twice to take his Paci but then going right back to sleep with out crying. Poor thing has since gotten a yicky cough which was making him choke and gag when he did cry at night from not feeling all that great. He has regressed a little bit but hopefully by next week he'll be back on track!
I love how blond his hair is coming in!

  • Graham started on a new baseball team this week. They are The Dodgers! They are going to be practicing 3 times a week and having a game one other day of the week. It seems that we will be doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and pretty much living baseball for the foreseeable future!  Who knew that 9 and 10 year old boys needed baseball to be that serious...

  • Yesterday Grady, Griffin, and myself escaped outside to the beautiful warmth and sunshine! Grady rode his scooter up and down the street and once we got tired we picked some fresh fruit from out front yard!  The lemons are soo fragrant! My kitchen smells delish right now! Plus, there is just something so awesome about picking your own fruit and then adding it to your plate at mealtime that is so wonderfully self-sufficient feeling! 

  • Bobby and I decided last night that we are closing up the laptop on Friday night and not opening it again until Monday morning. We realized that we were randomly sucking time that could be better spent on like 1000 other things (namely, our family!). I'll have a lot to catch up on with everyone come Monday mornings :).

  • We have our shirts done for the March of Dimes walk! 

Didn't Fran do an amazing job!! It was pretty important to me to have the t-shirt designer really get where I was coming from and what I wanted.  Fran lost a daughter too so I know she can relate to how important having this t-shirt made for Caroline was to me. 

  • I finished painting Grady's room this weekend! Who knew painting one small bedroom would take soo long! It looks great and I can't wait to get his big-kid furniture in there!
This is the room almost done!
  • I can't remember if I mentioned before but Griffin has started eating cereal every night. He loves it!! He has stopped pushing it out with his tongue and is opening his mouth every time he sees his spoon coming. I'm so proud of him!


ccc said...

That picture of Griffin in the jumper is absolutely adorable! His smile is contagious!
I feel the same way about baseball or any other sport for young boys--they have to be there so often! But, they like it, and it is good for them in the long run.
Caroline's shirt is so perfect.

Katie said...

Precious boys, Hillary. ; ) I can't believe how big Griffin is getting. Wow! Such a handsome little chunk.

I love Caroline's shirt. Everything about it is perfect...the colors, the ladybugs, and the words! I know you will be proud to wear it.

Tristan said...

i love the cute!!

ugh..what a mean person to unfollow to them!!

KERRY said...

You have a gorgeous family Hillary, I love reading all about you guys. That is so great little man loves his food, soon he'll be eating everything!
And I mean everything lol
Graham will have so much fun with baseball, what a busy boy he'll be too!
And cute pics of little Grady outside :)
Love to you always xo

KERRY said...

P.S. the t-shirt is precious xo

Beth Ann said...

So...your baby is getting hair and mine is losing his! ;) He looks so cute in his jumper...we need one of those for Holden ASAP! The March shirt is awesome! Try not to let a random person who unfollowed you bother you. They obviously were not a loyal follower anyway. The ones who are really awesome (like me!) ;) are still here!!! I think shutting off the laptop for the weekend is a great idea. I am giving up facebook and pinterest starting tomorrow...until sometime after Easter. Just felt God calling me to do so. EEK...I'm already having remorse about this decision but there's no turning back now!

aeroangie said...

Your story is heartbreaking. Every baby loss story is. I just want to give you a big hug. We lost our daughter Leia Sky at 35 weeks. Ironically it was Oct 6 2011. We are trying again and pray that when we have another daughter her middle name can be Leia. I really like your blog been reading for a while. Just thought I'd finally speak up. I have friends who have defended me because I talk TOO much about my baby. Please feel free visit mine

aeroangie said...

Your story is heartbreaking. Every baby loss story is. I just want to give you a big hug. We lost our daughter Leia Sky at 35 weeks. We are trying again and pray that when we have another daughter her middle name can be Leia. I really like your blog been reading for a while. Just thought I'd finally speak up. Please feel free visit mine

The Anglin Family said...

Hey friend. :-)
I have had several people unfollow me lately. Oh, well:-))
Griffin is so cute and I'm still loving that blonde hair!
We eat, sleep, and breathe softball. It's pretty serious stuff, lol:-)
You've been busy lately. (painting)
I love your shirts!!! They turned out awesome!!!
Have a good Internet break!!

ginmommy said...

Sorry, you got your feelings hurt :( And yes, Brittany is great! Your boys are precious!

The Mama said...

Oh my goodness every time I see new pics of those boys of yours I just smile so big, they are so cute!!!!

Love the shirt, I love everything about it :)

Melanie Mueller said...

I love Caroline's shirt!! I cannot wait to wear it with pride for my sweet niece!!
Griffin's blond hair is adorable and his smile melts my heart!!
That picture of Grady makes him look so BIG but oh so cute!!! So jealous that your have fruitful trees. ;)

Beth Ann said...

Hey- oatmeal has been fine for us! We started with oatmeal...we just decided to go with it since it was a whole grain and because I had heard it was less constipating. He seems to like it and he still poops so I guess it's good! Haha! We use Earth's Best oatmeal cereal but I know Gerber makes it, too. We have only fed it to Holden a handful of times...I need to get more consistent with it so he can get better at it...he's still doesn't quite get it. ;)

Brittany said...

Girl, you are too kind!! I appreciate your sweet words.

Love Caroline's shirt! Can a bloggy friend have one to remember your sweet girl?? :) Pretty please

Jayme said...

My twins had the same jumper :)

I can't believe someone unfollowed because of lack of updates- I mean it's not like there were too many that overwhelmed them... how bizarre.

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