Thursday, February 2, 2012

Making Sausage!

(and I don't mean we're having another boy :) Ha! Sorry, I know that's totally gross but I could not help myself!! Sleep deprivation makes my sense of humor just a little off kilter! :) Elizabeth, here is your post!

So this past weekend we were able to make sausage from scratch! It was soo much fun! The boys hunt with their Daddy's tons and are always told why they are hunting. They are told that hunting is never for sport but instead for food for our tables! Usually the deer that are shot are field dressed by the guys at the deer lease and then dropped off at the processor on the way home. The boys never really get to see what happens next before it ends up on their plate at dinner! :)

We made the sausage in the garage of my in-laws house.

Graham was doing a good job of pushing the meat through the grinder!

Love my helpful boy! 

Even my little boys had to check out what was going on!

Graham, Colton, and Cooper. They had such a fun time playing together!

Griffin was just glad to be outside. He loved it!

Bobby's Dad "Opi"  holding Griffin. Do you love his hair? :) He wore one of those fake hair hats
to our rehearsal dinner year ago too!

Bobby and his brother Cody

Grady found lots of other things to play on while we were there.

Grady was cracking me up on this. It was obviously way too small for him and it was just  creeping along in the grass under his weight. We couldn't convince him to ride one of the bigger ones :).

Uncle Jason tying off the links. Jason is Bobby's sister Stacy's new hubby!  Don't you love it, "Welcome to  the family, now get to work! "

Filling the casing, and yep, that's a bowl of warm intestines at the bottom of the picture
if you were wondering... :)

Grady really took an interest in the whole process.

Grady turned that crack that made the sausage come out forever! I'm so proud of him!

We all had an awesome day spent with family, laughs, and a great time. Plus, we all now how enough sausage to last us until next year!


Beth Ann said...

Wow- that is awesome! Yum! LOL'd at your little funny in the beginning, too. Bahaha! I want to kiss Griffin's cheeks! SO sweet!

Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

We just processed a pig last weekend...thought we were the only crazies that processed our own meet in the garage!!

Tristan said...

i'm all good with eating it..just not making it..hhaa!

The Anglin Family said...

IF You need more sausage, I've got your back! Our freezer is full of the stuff!!!;) ha.
Looks like the kids had fun! Fun way to spend time with the fam. Ok, I'm cracking up at Bobbys dad. He's totally cute. Love the hat. Caden has a football coach that always wears one of those!
<3 hope you had a great day! Hugs!

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