Thursday, February 9, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Make lemon aid!

Or, in my case, a Valentine's Day wreath. :)

I know I have soo much stuff around the house that I should be doing (ya'll the laundry and dishes are out of control right now...) but I just couldn't help myself. Crafting is my stress reliever! When ever I'm down in the dumps or worried I always find that using my hands and mind are the best tools for me to use to process whatever I need to be thinking about or planning out. Plus, it's just all-around a better idea than eating which is my other terrible go-to when I'm upset.

I headed out to my favorite place, Hobby Lobby and I grabbed up the stuff I needed to make 2 separate wreaths. The bigger one, I'm proud to say, is all done!

I wish that I had remembered to take more step by step pictures, but this took me almost a week to complete. I was only able to get just a little done at a time when either the boys were sleeping or being really quiet and good. Can you imagine how often that happens around my house! HAHA!

I started out by cutting 6 different types of ribbon into 5 inch lengths. I bagged each group individually because it took me a while to get them all cut. I was interrupted 4000 times while doing the cutting and I didn't want any of my boys running off with all I'd had previously cut. :)

I then fold each piece in half and hot glued about a 1/4" up from the bottom of each of them. I then hot glued  all the little "tags" I had made onto the straw wreath I had purchased. I attached a fun dangling heart and glued a trio of bows to the top. 


Not too shabby for my first attempt I don't think! I probably should have started out with a less industrious sized wreath. This one measures around 24 " in diameter. 

I would love to be able to hang this on my front door but I'm a tad bit worried that the elements will get to it. :( So for now it will hang up inside my house!

On a sweet side note, while I was making this, Graham wandered up to me and asked me if I was making something for Caroline. I love love love that he sees pink and thinks of her :). I do too! I explained that no, it was just for Valentines Day but that maybe soon we could think of something to make for her.  

I can't wait to start the second one! I'll be thrilled to death if it gets done before Valentines Day!


Jayme said...

Cute! Our Valentine's Day wreath is from the dollar bin at Target LOL

The Anglin Family said...

I love love it. Don't ya know I just bought mine at Hob Lob? :-)
P.s. I haven't been able to comment, been busy but I'm praying for sweet Graham!!! <3

ccc said...

that is really good! I am glad you found a creative outlet for your stress.

Beth Ann said...

SO adorable! Can't believe you managed to find time to make it! said...

Looks amazing :)) I've missed you and glad to be back :) So sweet that Graham thought of Caroline... kids are just so divine. Love always xoxo

Tristan said...

i am seriously in love with this cute!!!
you could do one for every holiday!!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That's turned out so cute!!! Very very sweet of Graham to think of Caroline.

The Mama said...

How CUTE!!!!! I love that!!!!

VivalaVida said...

How cute!! I love Valentine's day decorations!!!

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