Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mission : Financial Organization

So it's no secret that I find soo many things online that inspire me and then I just HAVE to try them out! I've made too many new recipes to count, filled my attics with wreaths for all seasons, and now I'm committing to becoming more organized! 

This month I'm trying my hand at financial organization! My desire to get a firmer hold on my family's finance has sprung recently as a matter of necessity. Ya'll I have got to get all of our baby making medical bills paid!!

Now I realize that just because I'm setting up a little thing to get my act more together it will NOT magically produce more money in my budget. But, I am hoping that in planing out how, when, and where our money goes out I can budget more to go towards medical bills thus eliminating them faster! Sounds like a good plan right? :)

So in lieu of my usual bill paying organizational system (a proud pile on my kitchen counter top that I shuffle through a couple of times a month) I have started this! 

Before I forget, I found my inspiration here. :)

To honor my budget, I only spent around $10 for these supplies.

I found the most perfect little calendar sheets! They are the perfect size for the binder because they are the size of a standard sheet of paper. I'm not sure why but these are sometimes hard to find. I was really excited when I did find them :).

For a brief description of this highly complicated (HA!) bill paying system I hole punched the calendar and added it to the binder. I then added the dividers labeled according to whom I was paying. 

Bills that come in the mail are added to the front pocket and the due date is quickly notated on the calendar. Once the bill is paid it is hole punched and added behind the appropriate divider. Easy right??

I can't believe that I'll have all my bills stored in one little one and half inch binder for the entire year! If this works out, I'll have more bills paid off sooner and I can get rid of a large bulky filing cabinet!

And because who wants to read a post only about a bill paying organizer... here are some pictures of my cuties from this past weekend at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo!

My sweet boys had such a good time!

Silly Grady :)

Ya'll wish me luck!


KERRY said...

Yay first commenter!! Haha
Good for you Hillary, this sounds amazing, good luck!!
And cute pics of your cute boys xo

Tami said...

I'm impressed with your organization. I have an app on my iPhone that tracks when my bills are due. A pop up reminder shows when something is due. I like it because I don't have another piece of paper to deal with. Everyone has a different way of doing it. Whatever works for you is GREAT!

The Anglin Family said...

I'm so unorganized!!! :-))) I throw the bills on the counter and sweet husband pays them. Otherwise we'd have people knocking at our doors. I dont handle money well- unless its me going shopping. Did I just admit that?
I'm impressed with you new method! I hope it works well for you:-))
The boys are much cuter than the organizational bill paying stuff, haha;) hugs!!!!

Candance said...

Ohhh, I want a bill paying organizer. And the added bonus? When Nathan does not follow my rules, I can chunk it at him and it'll leave a mark cause it's a binder. That makes me happier than a pig in you know what.

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