Sunday, February 5, 2012

Griffin Is 4 Months!

As usual, I'm late with posting :). Ah the life of a Momma with 3 boys. Whatcha gonna do!

So last week Griffin turned 4 months old! I can't believe how fast time is going! I keep saying "I want him to stay this age forever" and then I follow that up by saying "but only if he would sleep like a 6 month old or be able to play outside with his brothers like an 18 month old". I guess every month has a new fun stage to it. While I would love for him to stay so little and sweet forever I can't wait for all the milestones that he is soon to hit. Both his older brothers got their first teeth around 6 months, I wonder if Griffin will too... I guess that's the next big thing in store for us!!

Sorry for the picture overload :). I love all my pictures of my kids so much. Even the bad ones. :) This month was hard to get a good picture of him. When I finally got him propped up nicely the only wanted to look at all the fun things in his bed or chew on the sticky on his shirt! Maybe next month will be better. Right??

This past Monday I took Griffin in for his 4 month check up. He was awesome! The doctor said that everything looked great with him! He received 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine for a total of 5 vaccines. (I think they double up two of them?) I hate how bad they make him feel the next day (oh Lord the crying...) but I like to know that my kids won't have to worry about contracting Polio.

His stats were :

Height - 26" (85 percentile)
Weight - 17.5 pounds (87 percentile)
Head circumference - 41.5 (25 percentile)

Dr. S. said that we were able to start feeding him rice cereal off a spoon now. We have already (super-secretly) been putting it in his night-time bottle in hopes that it helps him sleep better. But, it nice to know that we now have permission to do it :) 

Time for Daddy to get the highchair back down from the attic!

In other exciting developmental news, I had to pull all the cute cute bumpers out of Griffin's crib at 4 AM this  morning. Around 3 AM  I went in Griffin's room to check on him because he hadn't woken up to eat yet (soo unlike him) and he was fast asleep all squished up next to him side bumper WITH HIS FACE PRESSED INTO THE FABRIC. Oh my Lord Ladies. I nearly had a fit. I yanked him out of the crib (he was just fine Praise God) and rocked him in my arms for a moment and then laid him back down. I went back up to check on him again about 30 minutes later because I couldn't stop thinking about him scooting around in his crib (this is a pretty new development for him because we still swaddle him)  and HE WAS DOING IT AGAIN. Enough of that I told myself and I spent 20 minutes untying all the ties in the dark. Poor baby, you could tell he was soo confused being able to see out the bars of his crib for the first time.

On a much more exciting front (and less scary) I pulled out Grady's old jumpy for Griffin to try out!

The first time we tried it he only liked it for about 3 minutes. Then the crying and the tears started. The past couple of time though have been much more successful! He will stay in there about 10 minutes and just coo at the little green frog!

I have a VERY hard time not biting these cheeks! :)
Griffin's has been sleeping marginally better at night. I hate to say anything at all because I'll jinx myself. :). I've been trying to read a book on children's sleep recommended to me by my pediatrician but its very slow going. I have almost no time to read these days and when I do I am so foggy brained! One key thing that I've picked up on (I'm only 1/4 of the way through so stay tuned for more sleep updates!!) is that I needed to try to put him down earlier before he got too tired. We scooched up his bedtime by almost an hour and that really has seemed to help! Griffin now goes to bed around 6:30, usually wakes up once, maybe twice to eat, and then gets up around 6 AM. I am hoping to get to the portion of the book that tells me how to cut out his nighttime feedings! I think that if he could get a solid 12 hours of sleep at night we would really be in business! KEY THING: SLEEP BEGETS SLEEP

Griffin has also started trying so hard to roll over onto his stomach! He has to find something pretty desirable to want to get first though! He can already roll from stomach to back when mad (usually about too much tummy time :)

I'm so proud of my sweet, precious little guy! He is the light of all of our lives! Bobby, myself, and my big boys just wouldn't know what to do without him!


The Mama said...

Happy 4 months you cutie!

I swear Hillary, that boy is getting cuter every single day. :) I can't wait to see how much he changes next month. And yay for the cereal!
I remember all of those books, and don't most of them say 4 months is about the time you can sort of start sleep training? It broke my heart with my first, but it was so good for him. I do remember that one key phrase, "sleep begets sleep". That's about when I became a "naptime nazi". Haha!

Good luck with the more sleep. He's so cute I just want to give him a big hug!

The Anglin Family said...

Oh my word. I know I say it all the time, but geez he is so precious! I want to kiss those cheeks!!!:))))
I know how you felt about those bumpers.. I can remember L at about 4 months rolled over on her belly into her bumpers and her head was under. I freaked out. :(( bad feeling!
I think it's been so long I am not sure if I can handle a newborn. I'm getting ready to kiss sleep goodbye again, huh?;)
I'm so glad you and Bobby have been blessed with such a perfect boy!!

Beth Ann said...

He is SO adorable!!! I pretty much never put Holden on his belly. I need to be better about tummy time! We have a "breathable bumper" to prevent those bumper incidents. We also have an Angel Care monitor though...I'm a bit crazy. ;)

Tara said...

Happy 4 Months Griffin! He's such a handsome little man. I love seeing his progress!

Melanie Mueller said...

Oh my sweet nephew!! He just gets cuter and cuter and CUTER!!! I love him so much!!

KERRY said...

What a sweetheart he is too!! He is growing up isn't he, and I bet he's the light of your lives, look at him!! Good to know everything is going great with him :) said...

He's adoooorable :)) Wonderful to see him growing up... so cute :)) xoxo

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