Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adventures in Mommahood

  • Lefty is still killing me. This morning I was sooo tired and in pain that I would take a sip of my hot coffee and then press the side of the hot coffee mug up against Lefty to get a little relief... gross but true. Why oh why must one clogged gland make me feel like I have the flu!!

  • Griffin (I think) is getting his first cold. Last night he woke up at 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30 crying and choking on what I'm guessing is mucous. I could hear it in his throat when I went to pick him up out of bed. Poor little guy he sounds miserable. It was a blessing in disguise I guess because I was able to nurse him on Lefty every time he woke up instead of him (and me) going all night without a feeding.

    Sleeping on Daddy is just the best! He's so warm and soft! I sleep pretty dang good next to him too :).
  • Graham has a school play tonight and I'm super excited! Bobby is actually taking off of work early to make it in time and we all can't wait for that! He will be elf in it and I can't wait to do a blog post to show off my boy!

    Graham is the best baby holder! Also, I have to mention just for my own memories sake, the outfit that Griffin is wearing in this picture used to be Grahams! I love it!
  • Speaking of Graham (and something that I've never divulged here before), his school testing is almost complete to find out if he has learning disabilities! We are 99.9 % sure that he does just not which ones. Any readers out there that have a kiddo with LD please leave me a comment! Even you lurkers... :) Oddly enough, this is also something that we are excited about because we have been begging his school district to test him since Kinder. GRRR...

    Griffin says "Thanks for my soft, comfy outfit Kerry!"
  • Griffin has learned how to bounce himself in his bouncy seat!! He finally figured out that if he kicked his legs up and down then it gets him bouncing. He loves it and entertains him soo well. My dishwasher that got unloaded thanks him. :)

And yet another random picture...my middle "baby" Grady. We had such a fun time the other day cutting snowflakes! (also another post coming up soon)


The Mama said...

I love all of those pictures, your 3 boys are just so so cute! Can't wait for the pics of Graham in his school play!!!

Beth Ann said...

We have a bouncy seat that bounces automatically! Griffin is too cute! Hope you both feel better soon!

The Anglin Family said...

All 3 boys are precious:-) hope you are feeling a lil better!!! At least enough to enjoy Graham's play tonight!
Griffin is getting so big already!

Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

My sister in law just had the same issue with her lefty....they gave her antibiotics and told her it would clear up. She then started getting flu like symptoms, went to ER and had to stay overnight and have it drained the next day...and then had to have a drain tube for 3 days!! Be careful and have it checked if it doesn't clear soon!

Blake said...

Oh, this is what you need to do:)) It worked with me and I swear by it. I know it sounds weird, but it's amazing. Put a head of cabbage in the fridge and then put those bad boys on! :)) You'll thank me later....

On another note - your boys are TOOOOO cute!!!

Brittany said...


it's brittany, not blake -- i was signed in under my hubby.

i guess that comment seems REALLY STRANGE, coming from a man! hahaha!


Tristan said...

agree with the cabbage leaves,although i put them in the freezer for about 3 mins and ten slap them on..haha!
hope you are feeling better soon!!

i'm excited to hear about the play!!

oh,and the salt dough ornaments are on a board of mine on pinterest..can't remember if i told you that or not!

ccc said...

Beautiful pics as always! Just catching up on my blogs. I assume Lefty is a breast and you have a plugged duct/infection?
Best thing is to have him nurse very frequently on that side even though it hurts. Keep an eye on it, sometimes they get so bad you need to be on antibiotics. You said Griffin looks like he has a cold--I almost always got a plugged duct when the kiddo had a cold.
Good luck, friend

KERRY said...

OH!! Look at him in that little outfit I sent him!! It's so wonderful seeing it on him so so far away from us here in Australia :)
Great pics, sorry about your lefty, great news about the dishwasher, good luck to Graham for his play, excellent cutting Grady and sweet dreams Griffin (hope the cold doesn't hang around long) Lots of love xo

Anonymous said...

Love your photos... always great to see you all. Sorry that your having boob trouble... I always used to hate that :( Hope it improves soon. Griffin and your boys are so cute. Love always, NewYearMum (something strange is happening with my Blogger account) xoxo

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