Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a week this past week has been!

We celebrated two thanksgivings, hosted one at our house, and had company. but so very very thankful! We are surrounded by family and friends who we love and adore and who love and adore us. We have a wonderful house to sleep in, lots of good food to eat, our beautiful children and our health. My list could go on and on and for that I am thankful!

So here is a quick re-cap of our Thanksgiving in pictures!

Griffin was super excited to be having his picture taken. Can you tell ? :) This was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We were waiting on my mother, brother and SIL and their girls to roll into town.

Just as soon as they arrived the big question of "Can I hold the baby?" began. :) This is my niece Alice. We look a ton alike if you compare our baby pictures! I like to think that Caroline might have looked like her... She's just beautiful!

This is my sweet sweet SIL Ann. She is holding Griffin with my other niece and her youngest daughter, Bess.

Little Bess has the sweetest personality! She was such a blessing to have!

My SIL Anne was super smart and brought fun crafts for the kids to do on Thanksgiving morning. The kids decorated ornaments (and some of the adults did too :). They now grace two of our little trees in our house!

The Momma!

We have a tangerine tree outside our house and the kids had a blast picking the ripe fruit! (I laugh a little because I know some of y'all are already seeing snow but here in South Texas we are picking ripe orange fruit :)

The Men had a very rough morning of watching a turkey cook in hot oil for 45 minutes... :)

My mother will kill me for posting this picture! HA! Cheers!

The kids table with all our little turkeys!

The delish Thanksgiving lunch!

Later that night (and after naps were had by all) we went out to a local drive thru light display. It's an awesome place that you can drive around for about 20 minutes that the kids just adore! (Sorry for the terrible picture quality... my camera decided that it just did not want to focus in the dark that night)

After the light display  we headed out for a very festive dinner at IHOP. :)

We got a little silly waiting for our food to arrive.

Silly Bess! She had to try Graham's spoon trick too!

Griffin says "Happy Thanksgiving" too!


Beth Ann said...

Love Griffin's outfit in that first picture. Also love the "My First Thanksgiving" outfit...I couldn't find anything "Thanksgiving" anywhere!

The Mama said...

That looks like y'all had such a great time!! Love the spoon on the nose, so cute!

Amy said...

Its scary crazy how much Winston looks like your dad! Your mother is looking lovely as ever though!

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