Friday, December 30, 2011

What The Heck Have I Done??

Ever since we had Griffin we knew that the day would come that we would need to switch over all the nursery furniture from Grady's room to Griffin's room. We didn't rush too much because we knew that Griffin would spend the first four months in our bedroom with us. Now that Griffin is 3 months old (sorry that post is coming soon...) it is time to start the moving over process.

Grady has already been transitioned to a toddler bed but still needs "big kid" furniture. We still have his changing table and armoire in his room that needs to get moved to Griffin's room. Problem is, we needed something to hold Grady's clothes. Bobby and I are of the opinion that we would like to only buy our kids furniture once. It needs to be very sturdy and most importantly big enough to still fit boys growing bodies. We don't want to end up with Grady being 250 lbs and 6' 5" and in a too small twin bed. :)

We ventured out finally today in search of a dresser to at least get the ball rolling on Grady's room. In a couple of months we'll head out to the same place and get him the matching full size bed frame.

We were super excited when we got there because all of the furniture was super solid wood and at amazing prices!! I debated for a while between two dressers before finally deciding  on the larger of the two. I kept thinking in my head that Grady would need something larger as his clothes got bigger and that would really be all that he would have since his closet isn't too big.

What the heck was I thinking?? It seriously goes from one wall to the other!! Bobby was laughing at me once we got it all the way upstairs and into place. I kept saying that it just didn't look this big in the store and he told me "that's what happens in a 10,000 square foot showroom". 

I seriously think that it may have to go back and get something smaller. The only problem is...

a.) I already put his clothes into it and they Anything smaller and I'll be back to the same problem.


b.) I might just break my hubby's heart if I tell him to lug it back downstairs, load it back up into his truck, back to the store and get a different one and repeat the process of getting it upstairs again.

I may give it a chance I think. I plan on painting Grady's walls a nice tan next weekend. Maybe once the dirty plain white walls are gone and some fun accessories (including a mirror) are added it will look better.

(Also, just to throw in, putting it in a different location in the room almost is not an option. With the way that the doors and windows in the room are situated this almost has to be the wall for it...)

What would you do??


The Anglin Family said...

Keep it!! It's fine! It won't look so big once it has stuff on it..put a lamp and books and toys on it;) I like it. I wish my boys dressers were bigger truthfully!

Tristan said...

i love it! what anawesome place to store all his future trophies and stuff..perfect!

KERRY said...

Keep it!! In the future you can fit a TV and all sorts of stuff on it, and if his clothes fit now, they're going to fit when he's older, anything smaller and they mightn't :(
I think it's nice, not too big at all!

ccc said...

I agree with the other comments--it looks fine! And, it is true that as they get taller the pants get longer and take up more room in the dresser, so you will be glad later to have the larger dresser.

Jayme said...

Lili has my old dresser from when I grew up in her room, and it's the exact same- takes up the whole wall, and we couldn't put it anywhere else. I say leave it.

Anonymous said...

Keep it and get him a double bed

Amy said...

where did you get the dresser?

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