Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Project For Griffin!

So I've totally been hiding from all the Christmas mess that needs to be put up, toys to be sorted out, laundry that needs to be done, and bags that are still not unpacked... :)

A while back I saw some of the cutest decoupaged letters for children's rooms on Pinterest and I really wanted to try and make some for Griffin!

I headed out to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, and grabbed all the supplies that I would need.

All you really need to do this is some craft paper, letters (the ones I chose were made out of MDF), Modpodge (I thinned out Elmer's glue with water), a paint brush, an exacto knife, and a pen or pencil.

Next, I traced the reverse of the letter onto the back of the scrapbook paper.

After all the letters had been traced and cut out I applied a thin layer of thinned glue onto the MDF letter and placed the paper on top. I applied a second coat of glue on top of the paper as well. Make sure to leave a glue-y mess on your kitchen table. :)

TA-DA! The finished product! This is a picture of the letter while it was still drying. There were some wrinkles in the paper that came up once the glue was applied and I could not get them out. Some websites that I checked before starting this project mentioned that they had wrinkles too but that they disappeared once it was completely dried. My wrinkles didn't go away :(. They still look pretty cute though!

I haven't decided yet if I'll just hang them on his wall on nails or hang them from ribbons. I'm leaning towards ribbons though!

I wish I had another reason to do more (but I'm pretty sure my older boys wouldn't want this in their rooms). I would like to try wooden letters and maybe different paper and glue to see if I could get just a little bit better of a result.

I can't wait to show you them once they are hung in Griffin's room! We should be finishing it up really soon!


Melanie Mueller said...

Those turned out super cute!! I lean toward ribbons too! =)

KERRY said...

They look great Hillary!! You could try mixed but matching scrap paper cut into all different sizes and glue that on so it overlaps and covers the letter completely. Maybe just do the bigger boy's initials in colours they choose :)
Love it, great job!!

The Anglin Family said...

Cute!! Love it!
Take pics when it's all done. And use ribbon;)

VivalaVida said...

Those are adorable!! I love it! I wish I had time to do something like that! I feel as if I never have time anymore. I noticed that yesterday I just went potty twice all day and have not showered in a day and a half!! I'm currently holding Maxwell and trying to catch up while he naps :)

The Mama said...

TOOO CUTE!! Those look wonderful!

I agree with the others, use ribbon :)

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