Monday, December 19, 2011

A School Party, A Christmas Program, Dry Ice and Frozen Meat

(And a partridge in a pear tree...) :)

We have just had soo much stuff going on around here!

Poor Griffin just sounds soo horrible at night now. He coughs and gags and just generally sounds like he's having a very hard time breathing. It is still pretty much only during the night though. I seriously can't figure that out... Last night I tried several times to suction out his nose with one of those bulb-y things and nothing. What the heck?? Its there and I can hear it. Why won't it come out so my poor child will feel better! I plan on catching what it sounds like on my phone when I take him to the doctor in a couple of days so she can hear it too and tell me what the heck is going on. I ended up elevating his pack-n-play in the middle of the night last night per my SIL Melanie's suggestion. It did help some!

Graham had the funnest school Christmas play the other day! It was just for the 3rd graders and it was super cute. It was called The Reindeer Whisperer. The music teacher had simple little costumes for the kids to wear and they all did a great job!

My nephew Colton and Graham. They both did a really great job! Colton was Herbie the elf and got to keep saying "I want to be a dentist" which cracked everyone up!

The other day Bobby got a large box in the mail. I was super curious and he said that I could go ahead and open it for him. Guess what I found inside... his Christmas bonus!

Cash would have been better but I'll take free steak any day of the week!

It came packaged in this stuff...

Once I told the boys what it was and what we could do with it they were over the moon!

We didn't get too crazy with it though. I warned them like 400 times that dry ice was pretty dangerous despite the fun sounding name. We put the dry ice into a bowl of water and watched it bubble and fill part of the kitchen with "smoke". :) The boys were pretty impressed and we were all entertained for a while!

On Friday Graham had his class Christmas party and book exchange. The kids all got to eat pizza in their classroom and then decorate a cookie. I was pretty excited to be able to run up there and see Graham. We both had a lot of fun together.

Graham is front and center right in the middle. :)

Time for the book exchange!

Graham's super sweet teacher reading to the kids. Every time she said "Santa" while she read the book the kids had to pass the wrapped book in their hands to the kid on the right. She said "Santa" soo many times that it had the kids just about rolling on the floor with laughter! We are soo thankful for this wonderful lady!

Graham has off this week and next from school. I can't wait to see what all trouble fun we can get ourselves into!

5 comments: said...

Great photos... looks like so much fun :)) What a great bonus... and the dry ice must have been great fun :) Love to you all xoxo

The Mama said...

What a great bonus!!! I agree, I'll take free steaks anyday!

Looks like a really fun Christmas party - and I can't wait to hear what fun y'all have over the break!!

The Anglin Family said...

Looks the the steaks came with an added bonus lol;) Always fun to play with dry ice;) Ha.
Have you seen or heard of the nose sucker you suck on the other end? I've heard it works miracles and there is no way you can get anything in your mouth..sounds kinda yuck though;) Cam had nights like that when he was a baby. We did saline in his nose, and a humidifier.
Hope you guys have a fun rest of the week!!! Hugs!

Amy said...

I would have enjoyed some steak but nooooo we had to have pizza... lol...j/k

Tristan said...

haha..nice steaks!

i love book exchanges what a nice idea!

dry ice looks fun..haaha!

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