Friday, December 30, 2011

Caroline's Name In The Sand!

Its finally there!! Caroline's name has been written in the sand! It's just so breathtakingly beautiful that I almost can't stand it! I wish that I could post it here right now, but I need to order the jpeg for it then I will :).

Go and check out Carly Marie's website and scroll down under December 31st. She is there under Caroline Elizabeth Mueller. I just love the colors in the sky above her name. It brought some serious tears to my eyes... My first thought when I saw it was that it looks vaguely like there is heart-shaped sunlight coming through the clouds.

Carly Marie says that "We like to believe that the children themselves choose the time and the sunset that their names are written under. We believe the sunset you receive is the sunset your child has given you."

Sometimes I'm ridiculously desperate for a connection to her that is not of this world. Sometimes Heaven is just too long to wait and I long for a sign from her.

I can't believe that I'll now have something so beautiful that is a part of her to put out on display. So far we really have nothing that's not horribly sad or inappropriate for anyone other than Bobby or myself to look at. This is something for our friends, family, and children to enjoy!

Thanks be to God for such a gift! I feel so blessed this evening!


KERRY said...

I am happy you feel so happy Hillary. I am going to go check it out on the site you linked to.
I am sure it is beautiful and will always mean so much to you xo

Melanie Mueller said...

It looks beautiful Hillary! I love it!!!

Sarah said...

It is perfect! What a gift! What a great way to close 2011...your picture of Caroline's name and holding a new baby in your arms. Loved it!

The Anglin Family said...

Beautiful!!!! Love it;))

Tristan said...


Beth Ann said...

Stunning. Absolutely beautiful.

VivalaVida said...

Oh it's so beautiful!!! I love the colors in the sky!!

The Mama said...

It is so beautiful. The colors in the sky are absolutely breathtaking. This is perfect.

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