Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas ~ 2011

My goodness friends! It's been quite a while since I've posted anything but its been a whirlwind around here! We were soo blessed to have a wonderful Christmas with both sides of our families.

Before we headed up North to Dallas, I was able to take the boys to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops. We all had such a fun morning there. My MIL rode with me and we were able to meet my sweet SIL Melanie and her boys there.

Griffin was bundled up soo warm for our little venture out! He did so god though. I was one proud Momma!

My boys patiently waiting in line for the beautiful carousel.

Sweet Grady picked the moose to ride.

My Graham with his smiling cousin Colton looking on in the background :).

47 times of me saying "Ya'll look over here and smile". This was the best picture I got. HA!

We found lots of things to try out while we waited to see the big guy!

Ahhh... finally SANTA!

The boys were really good waiting to see Santa. We had to wait around 2 hours for him. Thankfully Bass Pro Shops offers you a pass to see Santa at a certain time so that you don't have to just endlessly stand in line. We were able to shop around the store and look at all they had to see! 

The next day was a massive packing day for me. Thank goodness we have a Suburban or else we would not fit with all the things that we have to haul around with us. :) I swear I packed all day and when Bobby got home that night he spent a TON of time trying to get it all positioned in car so it would all fit! 

The next day we woke up super early to head up to Dallas. The boys amazed me and all 3 did awesome in the car!! We only had to stop once to feed Griffin and let Grady use the restroom. We made it up to Dallas in record time and with very little traffic. It was a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! :)

Christmas at Mimi's house! My mom and I stayed up pretty late wrapping last minute gifts and putting everything out under the tree for when everyone woke up. 

My sweet little niece Bess wanted to show off her new hat!

My sister in law Ann and my brother Winston. Ann was a sweet heart and held onto my precious sleeping baby for me :). 

Graham is opening up one of his favorite gifts from Christmas. It was a magic kit! 

My darling nieces Bess and Alice and myself.  I was looking really really rough this day. Griffin had been up most of the night. :(

My funny boys... I have no idea why they both had to lean in the same direction when I took their picture!

We had to drive back home on Christmas day because Bobby had to work on Monday :(. It ended up being ok though because then we had the chance to open our Santa gifts when we got back home to our house! 

The boys got even more stuff! Our house is now overflowing with toys!! I have a ton put back already to put up in the top of my closet to pull out in the coming months. :)

Monday night we went to Bobby's parents house (where I never got the camera out) :(. We had a great time eating and opening gifts with them! The boys got some really awesome gifts! Graham got an iTouch which he has just been dying for and Grady got a Leapfrog Explorer. We were so blessed this Christmas season! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me for this random mish mash of a Christmas post! I have soo many other things to blog about but I just had to get this Christmas one knocked out first. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!


Beth Ann said...

Looks like a great Christmas! Look at Griffin's cheeks!!! He is really filling out...SO cute!

The Anglin Family said...

glad y'all had a great Christmas!!!! Looks like fun!! Griffin is getting so big, I love his lil cheeks! Sooo cute!
Sounds like Christmas was good this year for y'all too. I had to store away some stuff too..have a good rest of the Christmas break playing with it all!!;)))

The Mama said...

Looks like a GREAT Christmas!!!! I love all of your pictures. Your boys are so cute and look so happy! Love the pic of both of them leaning the same way, that's a framer for sure!! :)

KERRY said...

I love it all Hillary, and that pic of your gorgeous boys leaning the same way for the pic is very cute!!
Great gifts by the sounds of it and loads of fun times :)

Tristan said...

what a wonderful christmas!
all the kiddos are so cute.
and i loooov the bass pro shop. our bass pro had it to where you go into the houses to see santa (one concealed on each side) it made it much faster!
cute cute cute!!!!!

(and i love griffins letters btw :) )

VivalaVida said...

How fun!! I love going to Dallas! Glad you all had a Merry Christmas! Griffin's picture is so cute!!

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