Thursday, December 29, 2011

Caroline Has Made My Day!

So here it is, only 7:44 AM and my day has already been made! A while back I put Caroline's name on Carly Marie's wait list for the pictures she does of children's names in the sand on a beach in Australia. Her name is about to come up! When I checked this morning there was only one name in front of hers!!

Carly Marie does the most beautiful work and I can't wait to share Caroline's name with you all once we have it (hopefully in just a couple of days)!

I feel like Caroline is sending us a late Christmas gift because this is something that I have wanted for soo long and it's finally happening! Usually the wait is so long that you have to be really on top of things to even make it onto the waiting list.

I plan on checking her website every 30 minutes today to see if Caroline's name has come up. Once it does I'll post again so ya'll can go and see her too!

Thoughts of my sweet Caroline have been on my heart and mind soo much lately. It will be so wonderful to have something tangible of her for our very own!


Tristan said...

how exciting and so special!
can't wait to see!

(my b-i-l's g/f designed that solo cup shirt,ha!)

Melanie Mueller said...

I love this and can't wait to see it!!

The Anglin Family said...

Yay!! She makes beautiful pictures;))))

ccc said...

Can't wait to see her beautiful name! I love her name.

VivalaVida said...

She does the most amazing work! Looking forward to seeing Caroline's name!!

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