Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Quiet Christmas Season

This year I have felt like quiet the Christmas slacker. Sure the tree got put up, the house decorated, and quite a few cookies baked (and already scarfed down). But other than that we haven't done a ton. Maybe it's because we have Griffin now and he's just still so little that I hate to drag him around town with there being like 90 times more germs out there right now than usual. Or maybe its the slight sleep deprivation that I am still coping with. Maybe its that things are just plain harder with 3 kids in tow versus just 2. I don't know. Now that it is December 6th already and our poor little Elf on a Shelf, Jerry, is still in his box and has yet to make his grand appearance, I feel bad.

It is time to dig deep, suck it up, and get a move on already! I am bound and determined that even if we don't leave the house (I'm sorry, it just still skeeves me thinking about Griffin and all those germs) we will still try and do a little something Christmas-y every day!

After Graham left for school this morning I had Grady start a little project.

Grady was doing his best here to look at me and smile but "Fireman Sam" was on TV and he was having a hard time concentrating! :)

I couldn't find any Christmas coloring pages around the house so I made my own! I did my best to draw what Grady requested and did pretty good until I had to try and draw a tractor for him. He kept telling me "Oh, thank you for my truck!". Tractor, truck, oh well, as long as Grady is happy with it! :)

After he got done, Grady told me that these pages were for his Mimi (my Momma) for her Christmas present! So so sweet! We will have to bundle them up with a pretty ribbon for her and tuck it under the Christmas tree. The other day he trooped in from outside with another gift for her...

I was super proud of him. Really fun and interesting looking sticks are hard to come by for little boys and the fact that he wanted to share it with her for Christmas made my heart just melt! We will have some very interesting presents under our tree this year for sure! :)

This past Sunday we lit the first fire of the season in our fireplace and it was just soo beautiful! I love to have a nice fire going and would do it everday if I could. It could be 90 degrees outside and I would still do it!

With the flash...

Without the flash...
I couldn't decide which picture I liked the best... :)


Tristan said...

Get that Elf out of the box!!!!
hahaha. I really want to do an elf,but haven't really come to terms with it yet..hhaha. Long story.

yay for finger paints!

Oh my Taylor-Austyn was a newborn during flu season..I feel ya!!

The Anglin Family said...

We haven't done much either. Probably bc Laiken has been holed up in the house. I'm thinking tonights a great night for jammies and Christmas lights;)
You are a pretty good drawer;))
My husband was begging me to light the fireplace last night but I'm hot like all the time! The thought of sitting in a room with a fire makes me sweat, ha!
Your fireplace is gorgeous!

The Mama said...

Your fireplace is beautiful!! I love both of those pictures! :)

You draw so well!!!

My Lou was born at the end of December, so I feel your pain about the germs!!!

Michele said...

What gorgeous pictures! Love it!

Beth Ann said...

Cute! Your fireplace looks great. Wish we had a mantle to hang our stockings from!

Jayme said...

I am not feeling Christmasy yet either. We haven't even started shopping or decorating. I did get the elf out TODAY actually and put him up after the kids when to bed tonight.

I think my issue is partly because it was 71 degrees tonight when I went to dinner at 630. I mean, it's hard to feel like Christmas when you're wearing flipflops and shorts.

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