Thursday, January 5, 2012

Caroline's Name!

Caroline, Caroline, Caroline! I just love to say her name. :)

I swear that I say it at least once a day to someone out loud so that she'll always stay a comfortable part of our family. Sometimes it's just to Griffin about his angel that watches over him and sometimes it's just to our dog Crash because I feel like saying "Caroline".

When we finally got this...

I could not be any happier! I'm ordering prints of it today and the SECOND that they get here they are going up on our wall!

Momma loves you and misses you soo much my sweet baby! I'm so crazy sad that this is what I have left of you but I'll take it and love it as the most wonderful gift you have sent us (other than your little brother :).

I'm so proud to be your Momma. I love you Caroline!


ccc said...


The Anglin Family said...

Beautiful just like her!!!!!!! Hugs...

The Mama said...

SO SO Beautiful!!! Sweet, sweet Caroline. I'll try to say her name more as well.

Sending hugs and prayers always

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