Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Lot Of Nothing

That's what's been going on around here! :)

Ok, maybe some stuff...

  • My awesome SIL, Stacy, is putting together a March of Dimes team for the upcoming walk. I'm super excited about this! Anything to remember Caroline and help out other families is what I'm about! We are trying to think up a name for our group. Any fun ideas? Caroline's Crew was already taken :(, but some others that we have come up with are Caroline's club, clique, crowd... I had thought Caroline's Cuties, but since there will be men walking with us I wasn't sure how they would feel. Seriously if you have a fun name idea let me know! 

  • Bobby's sister Stacy got married a couple of weeks ago. I just haven't had it in me to post about it. I missed 90% of the actual ceremony because Griffin started shriek the second that the minister started to speak. I had to take him out :(. The ceremony (of what I saw) and the reception were beautiful though!!

Please pardon my "comfy" wedding shoes :)

  • Grady is starting preschool this week! He will be going on Monday's and Wednesday's. He will be going just this Friday for a fun try-out day. I'm a little sad and a little scared. It's a first for both of us...

  • Graham's birthday is coming up soon (the beginning of March) and I'm already starting to plan. He'll be turning 10 :( and I think that this will be the last year for "big" parties. Its hard to plan parties for older boys I'm finding out. Some things are becoming too babyish for him. I'm thinking of renting one of those Game Trucks. Have ya'll heard of those?
Game Truck at the Alamo

  • My Momma sent Griffin a couple of new outfits in the mail. I adore checking the mail and getting something other than bills :).

  • Ya'll my laundry situation is getting soo bad. I can keep up with getting everything washed and dried, but NOTHING folded and put away. I'm starting to have anxiety attacks about it. I spent several hours on it this weekend and still only got part of it sorted. Sorted. That's it. Sigh...

  • I swear that Griffin is getting cuter by the day, if I do say so myself :). His expressions and little attitude are starting up. 
  • My nephew Colton just celebrated his 9th birthday! It was at a fun Laser game place and my boys had a BLAST! I did not do my best at taking hardly any pictures while I was there :(.
Graham was having such a great time that I could not hardly get him to look at me for a picture! 

Bobby and I were dying laughing at Grady while he tried to play Dance Dance Revolution. He was trying so hard! 

I'm sure that I could think of 47 other random things that have been going on in the crazy Mueller household. But I really need to get back to that laundry! 


Brittany said...

Looks like you have LOTS going on!:)) Your family picture is so pretty! Frame it.

Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Griffin's look - PRECIOUS!:))))))

p.s Luke loves his Thomas too!

Beth Ann said...

Love the wedding picture of your family- such a great pic and you look so pretty! Also LOVE that picture of Griffin- SO CUTE!!!

Caroline's clan?

The Anglin Family said...

1. Y'all look great!!-I will never wear anything but "comfy" shoes again, lol:-)
2. I love their wedding location!
3. I'm sad I can't do March of Dimes but it falls around the time of Sawyer's arrival! Club Caroline, Team Caroline..I don't know! Glad y'all can participate in her name!!!;))))
4. My laundry is nonexistent. My hubby has been staying on top of it. Dishes, vacuuming, laundry..makes me feel like a bad wife!!!;))
5. Griffin seriously could not get any cuter!!! I want to kiss him!!

Michele said...

Those big blue eyes! Love them!!!

And how stinking cute your fam is... Love it!

Caroline's Cronies :) Sorry, couldnt help it. And the laundry... Man, ours procreates like crazy too!

KERRY said...

I have the exact same laundry problem!!! We live out of piles more than anything, I just hate hate hate putting it all away :(
Griffin looks so much like Graham in that shot, he is getting so big!
I agree, frame the pic from the wedding, you all look great!
I also agree that it is harder to plan 'big' parties, the kids just aren't interested. At 12 they just 'chill' apparently, they're not even hungry lol (can you tell I just threw a party?)

The Mama said...

Oh man I love love love that picture of y'all from the wedding. Framer for sure!! You look so great!!!

Hmmm....I like Caroline's Clique...I also like Caroline's Club.

Praying for Grady and for you as he starts preschool. I can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

VivalaVida said...

My favorite is Caroline's Crowd. Caroline's Cluster? Caroline's League? It would be nice to walk together!! We will be doing the Marh of Dimes here in Houston. Last year we did it in Laredo. Y'all look so cute in the wedding picture! Griffin seems to be growing so much! I hope Grady likes his first day of preschool! His hair seems to have grown from when it was cut!!!

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