Friday, January 6, 2012

South Texas Snow Day!


As if. I could probably count on one hand the number of times that South Texas has seen snow since God created the Earth.

Way down here we get our snow from a can :).

Since Graham has gone back to school poor Grady has been bored and needing something fun to do! I found these fun cans of snow at Pier One right before Christmas and stuck them in the boy's stockings. Best thing I ever bought!!

This stuff was awesome! You literally just mixed in one can of water and Viola! Snow! We put ours in a cake pan to play. Grady asked for his construction toys and I thought it was a great idea.

The best part of this is that when it dries out you can just add more water! We did have several spills and it was really hard to clean up. It just smeared around on the table instead of just wiping up. I had to wait until it dried back out and then cleaned it up. :( 

It was all so worth it though. Grady sat and played at the kitchen table for quite a while (and if you know my son that it fantastic :).

When Grady got done playing with it, we just packed it back up to save for another fun "snow day"!


Melanie Mueller said...

Oh you just reminded me that I have had some of that stuff for like three years and always forget to pull it out. =)
So fun for cutie pie Grady!!

Amy said...

It snowed big time back in 19 and 84! lol

The Mama said...

What a GREAT idea! We have some snow days here in Arkansas, but that's SUCH a good idea for a rainy day or something in the winter! :) Love it!

KERRY said...

That is very cool :)
Look at him, he's adorable!! Bet he had so much fun (just remember it isn't icing sugar!)

Tristan said...

how fun!!!!!!

ugh..i know :( T-A is way to big!

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