Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentines Day Prep

Valentine's Day is creeping up on me and ya'll, this is one of my most favorite holidays! I love the memories I have of elementary school and getting to decorate my very own shoe box with wrapping paper, sticker, markers, and ribbon. I loved the sweet surprise of opening the box at the end of the class party and seeing all the notes from friends (and crushes :) and little boxes of heart shaped candy!

Another reason why I love this holiday is that its so close to my birthday! (My birthday is February 10th for all those wishing to send gifts.. HA!) I love that I get to have that "someone special" feeling for an entire week!

I am so over joyed to be able to share all these feeling of love with my 3 little Valentines on Valentines Day! 

I love to make this day EXTRA special just in case there is any doubt in their little minds that their Momma and Daddy are their biggest fans! :)

I've already been looking online for cute t-shirts (they've been a little hard to find this year :( ), cards etc.

I started looking through Tiny Prints to get some ideas for sending out Valentines cards for friends, family and even classmates!

I am so far in LOVE with these two!

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Angry Dragon - Front : Blue Moon

I thought that Graham would love this one! Like I was saying before, somethings are starting to get a little "babyish" to him but I bet he wouldn't mind taking this one to pass out to his classmate! How cute would this be with a little candy taped to it! 

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Super Friends - Front : Firecracker

Wouldn't Grady be so cute taking this card to school to pass out to his new friends!

I love these cards because they come already personalized with the kids names of them! You know how I like to make things easy right :).

It's so easy to follow Tiny Prints on Facebook, Twitter, and  Pinterest. They just have soo much ding dang cute stuff! 

Are you starting to get ready for Valentines Day yet? Do you decorate your house or just celebrate the day itself?


Beth Ann said...

I REALLY want to get Holden a shirt like this (not THIS one because it is WAY too expensive...but you get the point!)

The Mama said...

Okay so my bday is February 11. I knew there was a reason we are such good friends!!

Love those Valentine's! I feel like these days it's a constant competetion of who gives out the best ones, etc. Although truth be told, it's probably just me making myself feel like that. I need to do something easier this year

I really don't decorate much for Valentine's Day. I need to do more...

The Anglin Family said...

I love love Vday!!!!! It's one of my faves! I usually do a Vday wreath and a few things here and there around the house. I kinda dread the kids Vday stuff at school lately though. I need to not procrastinate and get their cards done early this year!!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I always love looking at Valentine's cards. My mother-in-law's birthday is on that day, so we always have a fun party for her--it's neat.

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